Energy-saving Peltier-heating and cooling system

The especially precise, environmentally-friendly, energy-saving heating and cooling system with Peltier technology is used in the cooled incubator IPP, the constant climate chamber HPP and the storage chamber IPS. Heating and cooling in a single system: If a voltage is placed across a Peltier element, one side is cooled and the opposite side simultaneously heats up. Simply by reversing the polarity of the supply voltage, the hot and cold sides of the Peltier element can be swapped.

Cooling with Peltier element in the cooled incubator IPP, constant climate chamber HPP and storage chamber IPS.
The heat pump principle in the heating mode of the cooled incubator IPP, the constant climate chamber HPP and storage chamber IPS.
Comparison of energy consumption cooled incubator ICP and Peltier-cooled incubator IPP

The Peltier technology works in a particularly economical and energy-saving manner at temperatures close to ambient temperature, since energy is only required if heating or cooling is needed, in contrast to compressor technology. Very fine adjustments can be made here to the heating or cooling functions.

In heating operation, in the same way as in a heat pump, thermal energy is removed from the ambient air and introduced into the inner chamber. Because of the closed Peltier cooling system, no outside air is exchanged. The advantages: No de-humidification of the inner chamber and a notably reduced risk of contamination.


Products of interest

Constant climate chamber HPP

Peltier-technology as well as active humidification and dehumidification in the constant climate chamber are optimally adjusted to ongoing-stability tests and long-term material tests.

IPS temperature control storage chamber

The energy-efficient solution for storing and cooling samples: Absolutely reliable, controllable to a high degree, long-lasting and, above all, environmentally friendly with Peltier technology.


Solutions in practice

Application Zoology

Breeding insects in the Peltier-cooled incubator: The Würzburg BEEgroup is carrying out basic research into the health of bees.

Material test at Fraunhofer

The Fraunhofer IKTS performs research using the Memmert constant climate chamber and demonstrates that humidity has an effect on source materials and intermediate products during the manufacture of hard metals.