Climate testing of packages for food or tobacco

Not all tins are alike. At least not according to Hoffmann Neopac, Swiss specialist for pocket packs made of metal or metal and plastic. Lasting quality is the most important thing when it comes to product innovation. That is why metal tins are tested thoroughly in a Memmert constant climate chamber HPP.

Innovative metal tins from Switzerland

Hoffmann – The Tin. The metal tins manufactured by the renowned company Hoffmann Neopac in Switzerland, which have received numerous awards, are unique, well-designed and robust. However, containers for food, tobacco and confectionery have to protect the products from humidity and oxygen and at the same time need to be easy to open and close. Numerous innovations were launched onto the market by the Swiss packaging specialist in the last few years, for example an airtight tin with tamper evidence, a cigarette pack with dispenser function or a metal container with mints that can be used as business card case afterwards.

Temperature/humidity testing in a climate chamber

It goes without saying that all metal tins meet the high hygiene and aesthetic requirements placed on packaging for food and tobacco. In order to simulate various storage and shipping scenarios, the quality laboratory regularly tests the tins in a Memmert constant climate chamber HPP 108 and benefits in particular from the comfortable ramp programming of temperature and humidity combinations with the software. Before each test on corrosion, discoloration or changes in the coating layers, the testing parameters are set individually. Temperature-humidity combinations of 40 °C/80 % rh alternating with 25 °C/40 % rh are common in the climate chamber. Depending on the requirements, the tests are conducted in constant climate and or alternating climate (based on climate testing in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6270-2) and can take from one day to several months.

AtmoSAFE would like to thank Marcus Schmid, head of quality testing at Hoffmann Neopac and Hettich AG, Memmert distributor in Switzerland, for their friendly support in writing this article.