Remote access to Memmert appliances

A successful test in Jordan demonstrates how easy it is to monitor and control Memmert appliances of the Perfect controller class equipped with an Ethernet connection via internet remote access.

You got mail! As with computers or printers, each Memmert appliance of the Perfect controller class can be assigned a unique “postal address”, a so-called IP address, in a network. It can thus be reached from other computers for remote monitoring or remote programming. The fact that this is also possible outside a local network (LAN) has been successfully tested by the Technical Service department of Memmert in cooperation with Modern Scientific Supplies in Jordan.

Remote access depending on the IT infrastructure

For remote access via a WAN network, the IT department needs to open port 11111 in the local firewall. If the host of the company at which the Memmert device is situated is statically addressed, the data packets to and from the appliance are exclusively transported via this port. If the host is assigned changing dynamic IP addresses by the Internet provider, no fixed IP address is possible for the appliance either. In this case, a fixed hostname for the Memmert appliance can be registered with the relevant service providers. For addressing purposes, IP addresses and hostname are simply entered in the Celsius software. If several Memmert appliances can be addressed via remote access, there is also the option of accessing the internal LAN via an encrypted VPN network or remote access services. The Memmert Technical Service will be pleased to coordinate the ideal procedure with you.