Case studies

Let us take you into the fascinating world of Memmert appliances, which we have collected on our user platform  AtmoSAFE. From turbo drying of vast amounts of powder in the vacuum drying oven to artificial ageing of cables in the heating oven to climate testing of electronic devices in the climate oven. 

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Comparison of different nanostructures

In a fuel cell measurement station at the Leibniz Institute of Surface Modification, two Memmert heating ovens ensure the correct operating temperature for benchmarking nanostructured, three-dimensional composite electrodes.

Reliable environmental conditions for bioassays

The implementation of bioassays – tests that analyse a substance’s effectiveness on organisms – is one of the core tasks of the Department of Ecosystem Analysis (ESA) at the Institute for Environmental Research (RWTH Aachen University). Two Memmert CO2 incubators and two Peltier-cooled incubators IPP guarantee constant and reliable environmental conditions.

Annealing printing ink in the drying oven

UNION-KLISCHEE are specialists in screen printing, pad printing, digital printing and etching technology. As orders coming from the fields of medical technology, measurement- and sensor technology or precision engineering require prints to have especially high wear resistance, the print colours are annealed in a Memmert drying oven.

Model organism Drosophila

Even if the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster only measures about 3 millimetres, it has been an integral part in genetics since the beginning of the 20th century. Besides the mouse, the zebrafish, the domestic chicken and the African crawled frog, it is an important animal model organism.

Building materials testing in the drying oven

Almost 50 years ago, the German construction company Julius Berger Tiefbau AG opened a branch in Nigeria for the construction of the Eko Bridge in Lagos. Today, Julius Berger Nigeria Plc is listed on the Nigerian stock exchange and handles many large construction projects and facility services jobs in Nigeria. The building materials are tested in high-quality in-house laboratories, in which numerous Memmert drying ovens are utilized for conditioning and drying materials.

Drying of strain gauges in the drying oven

Greg LeMond, Mark Cavendish, Normann Stadler and Faris Al-Sultan are only a few of the thousands of athletes who have monitored their performance with the help of an SRM PowerMeter during their athletic careers. The highly sensitive strain sensors in the interior of the device enable precision and measurement accuracy. The hardening of the strain gauges is performed in three Memmert drying ovens.

Oven for standard tests on dishwashers and detergents

Some people are of the opinion that dishwashers rank among the most important inventions of modern times. The inventor of the dishwasher was – how could it be otherwise – a woman: American Josephine Cochrane.

How does our body clock tick?

Switzerland is world-famous for its clocks. It therefore seems logical that four renowned Swiss universities, located in Basel, Geneva, Zurich and Lausanne, are dedicated to chronobiology. Freiburg University, which is located nearby, is also on this list. Why some people are "early birds" while others are "night owls" and turn night into day is just one question this branch of research deals with on a cellular and molecular level.

Conditioning of weighing cells in the climatic test chamber

The reference list of MULTIPOND makes you hungry for more. Well-known companies from the food industry use fully automatic MULTIPOND multihead weighing systems to weigh the ingredients for their sweets, snacks, yoghurt, cereals, coffee, tea, nuts or cheese, before transferring them to the packaging machine. The adjustment of the strain gauge weighing cells is done in a Memmert climatic test chamber CTC, as well as in a TTC temperature test chamber.

Curing silicone and adhesives of Cochlea implants

The Austrian company MED-EL is one of the world's technology leaders in the field of hearing implant systems. In 2014, MED-EL was awarded, among others, the Austrian National Innovation Prize. They use more than 80 Memmert heating ovens in their production to cure silicones and adhesives. Thanks to the excellent service of Memmert partner GML-Fischerlehner + Kucera GmbH in Innsbruck, the appliances have been running reliably and problem-free for many years.