Case studies

Let us take you into the fascinating world of Memmert appliances, which we have collected on our user platform  AtmoSAFE. From turbo drying of vast amounts of powder in the vacuum drying oven to artificial ageing of cables in the heating oven to climate testing of electronic devices in the climate oven. 

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When it comes to cell cultivation, active humidification is a must

With assistance of the Institute of Bioprocess Engineering at Erlangen university, the COSIR project is currently in progress. Results of the project are eagerly awaited in the field of cell biology. At the beginning of the project, the Memmert CO2 incubator, in which several different tests were performed for the study, was evaluated. The result showed that the active humidification system decreases evaporation inside the chamber considerably as compared with common incubators with passive humidification.

Shelf life testing of dairy products in China

China has discovered milk. In order to meet the demand of about 1.4 billion people, companies such as Bright Dairy & Food built state-of-the-art production facilities. In this report, AtmoSAFE pursued the question of why the Chinese have started drinking milk thousands of years after the Europeans and also visited the quality laboratory of Bright Dairy & Food. In the laboratory, a Memmert Peltier-cooled incubator is used for microbiological testing and shelf life testing.

Conditioning of car leather in the drying oven

Compared to the automotive industry, there is hardly any other branch where quality assurance plays such an important role. This does not only apply to the major car manufacturers, but also to companies such as Auto Leder Atelier that retrofit leather seats. For all types of seats, the general operating licence is steadily renewed and of course also the internal quality assurance is integrated in the quality management acc. to DIN ISO 9001.

Sous vide cooking in the country in Landgasthof Siebenkaes

For more than 20 years, Ulrich Riedel has been at the stove with his crew whenever Memmert has something to celebrate. And even in the kitchen, many experiments were started together. Cherry tomatoes were dried in the vaccuum oven and apple wedges were kiln-dried in the heating oven.

Tempering of optical lenses in the drying oven

The future of cameras, sensors, measuring equipment and other opto-electronic systems belongs to plastic optical lenses. The Nuremberg-based company UPT Optik Wodak GmbH has specialised in the development and manufacturing of these innovative optical components. After injection moulding, tempering is done in a Memmert cleanroom drying oven UFP 800 to increase form stability.

Beauty in beautiful packaging

As a partner of internationally renowned cosmetics manufacturers, Faber-Castell Cosmetics is one of the leading private label manufacturers of high-quality cosmetic pencils for face, eyes, lips and nails. Elaborate formulas and packaging are developed to transformed cosmetic trends into successful products in the future. For reliable quality assessments of new trends, the company relies on a Memmert IPP cooled incubator for storage tests.

Stability test of hemp flowers in accordance with ICH

After a world-wide ban of cultivating cannabis, the restrictions have been loosened recently, so that companies such as Ai Fame are on legally safe ground to extract and research active substances of the cannabis plant. In a Memmert climate chamber ICH, the necessary stability tests are performed in accordance with ICH.

Climate testing of packages for food or tobacco

Not all tins are alike. At least not according to Hoffmann Neopac, Swiss specialist for pocket packs made of metal or metal and plastic. Lasting quality is the most important thing when it comes to product innovation. That is why metal tins are tested thoroughly in a Memmert constant climate chamber HPP.

Continous quality tests at Marie Jo

Perfect processing, the classy mixture of different materials and the high art of design and cutting are what make lingerie so precious. Less obvious for the women wearing it but also crucial when it comes to a premium manufacturer such as Van de Velde is consistent quality control. Together with Carmen van Waeyenberghe, Memmert distributor in Belgium, AtmoSAFE was allowed to take a look behind the scenes of the Belgian company headquarters in Schellebelle.

Quality control of split logs and wood chips

Georg Krämer is a pioneer when it comes to quality. The head of the Institute for Wood Technology in Bad Wildungen advertises relentlessly for the quality assurance and certification of wood fuels such as split logs and wood chips and develops solutions for professional equipment for test laboratories.