Case studies

Let us take you into the fascinating world of Memmert appliances, which we have collected on our user platform  AtmoSAFE. From turbo drying of vast amounts of powder in the vacuum drying oven to artificial ageing of cables in the heating oven to climate testing of electronic devices in the climate oven. 

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Corrosion resistance is a must for light-alloy wheels

There are standard aluminium wheels and there are Fuchsfelge® wheels. When hearing this product name, every Porsche owner immediately thinks of outstanding driveability and the famous Porsche 911, with which the Fuchsfelge® became a legend as well.

Wanted: Climatic test chamber for extreme conditions

Climate testing of medical products before they are approved has long been a given. The renowned ikfe GmbH (Institute for clinical research and development in Mainz) turned to the specialist laboratory supplier Novodirekt with very extraordinary requirements for a new climate chamber.

Keeping mice in the constant climate chamber

In general, humans and animals are highly adaptable. A healthy body adjusts to changes in environmental conditions and food sources without major problems.

Incubator and hot air steriliser in the beer laboratory

The "Bavarian Purity Law" and the brewery’s commitment for the highest possible quality of beer forbid pasteurisation or adding preservatives in brewing the Schönram beers, awarded the "World Beer Cup" several times.

Precise controlled atmosphere

For many years, the innovative Nuremberg company S+S Regeltechnik has been one of the German manufacturers who have been setting the pace in the development of sensor technology. The precise adjustment of sensors for temperature and humidity measurements and for the humidification of the sensor elements at...

High-tech lifesaver made of PUR and silicone

Precision in the micrometre range, 100 % reliability. In the production of artificial hearts by Berlin Heart, the highest standards of quality apply for all processes. The modules for the ventricular assist device EXCOR® are dried in a Memmert drying oven and vacuum oven.

Incubating caries bacteria in the cooled incubator

At required temperatures of 37 °C for incubation and similarly high room temperatures, most incubators come up short. But not the IPS cooled incubator, which cools down in a reliable and energy-saving manner due to its Peltier elements.

The incubator in the cell culture laboratory

In your eyes, what defines the ideal incubator for cell cultures? AtmoSAFE has talked to the head of the in vitro Institute for Molecular Biology, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Unteregger, about the requirements made of a CO2 incubator.

Powder and granulate

If vacuum ovens are applied to dry large amounts of powder and granulate, the occurring volume expansion of the heated atmosphere in the interior sets a physically defined end to the capability of the vacuum pump to transfer humidity.

Zebrafish do not like stress

Zebrafish are the secret heroes of genetics. This humble fish serves as a model organism in numerous research laboratories all around the world. At Ghent University, researchers breed them in large numbers in a Memmert constant climate chamber with light that is optimally suited as a fish incubator. In this low-vibration and low-noise environment, the zebrafish can develop without stress.