Case studies

Let us take you into the fascinating world of Memmert appliances, which we have collected on our user platform  AtmoSAFE. From turbo drying of vast amounts of powder in the vacuum drying oven to artificial ageing of cables in the heating oven to climate testing of electronic devices in the climate oven. 

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Powder and granulate

If vacuum ovens are applied to dry large amounts of powder and granulate, the occurring volume expansion of the heated atmosphere in the interior sets a physically defined end to the capability of the vacuum pump to transfer humidity.

Zebrafish do not like stress

Zebrafish are the secret heroes of genetics. This humble fish serves as a model organism in numerous research laboratories all around the world. At Ghent University, researchers breed them in large numbers in a Memmert constant climate chamber with light that is optimally suited as a fish incubator. In this low-vibration and low-noise environment, the zebrafish can develop without stress.

Storage of semen in the oven

Even in horse breeding, laboratory equipment is indispensable. In the laboratory of Ludo Philippaerts on the Dorperheide stud farm, the fresh semen of breeding stallions is stored in an oven at 37 °C.

Low temperature vacuum drying – gentle on bacteria and the environment

Freeze drying, the most common means of drying starter cultures and probiotics, is very energy-intensive. Furthermore, some bacterial strains do not survive the freezing process.

The history of technology: Temperature controllers

The history of microbiology and the development of associated methods starts with Robert Koch. Today, AtmoSAFE will take you on a journey from temperature control in gas-heated incubators to the invention and patentation of mechanical temperature control by Willi Memmert.

Ice cream meltdown

The perfect ice cream has a creamy consistency without water crystals and melts smoothly and slowly. Thanks to the Meltdown Analyzer TC 1 of the Swiss company Certa Fides GmbH, ice cream manufacturers can now exactly analyse and document the melting behavior of their different ice cream flavours.

Remote access to Memmert appliances

A successful test in Jordan demonstrates how easy it is to monitor and control Memmert appliances of the Perfect controller class equipped with an Ethernet connection via internet remote access.

Reproducible sample preparation in the drying oven

Scanning electron microscopy brings it to light: Depending on the ideal mixture, concrete as a building material is small-pore and compact, and thus resilient towards humidity, frost or chemical substances.

Drying filter membranes in the drying oven

The technical cleanliness of functionally relevant components is a central factor in quality management in the automotive industry. For standard-compliant testing of residual contamination, a Memmert drying oven in the mobile laboratory is in use almost constantly.

Stainless steel vs. copper in the interior of a CO2 incubator

A study by the Institute for Hygiene and Public Health (IHPH) at the University of Bonn from 2009 demonstrates: copper cannot be unconditionally recommended for the prevention of germs, since there are no reliable findings on the antimicrobial effect of copper surfaces after intensive cleaning and disinfection. Stainless steel remains the material of choice for long-lasting appliances.