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Storing sensitive sensors in a climate chamber with a maximum temperature deviation of 0.2 K? Reducing your process times during vacuum drying to an optimum, thanks to programme-controlled cycles for ventilation and temperature? Ensuring interruption-free long-term testing? Running experiments with defined air exchange rates? We've got you covered!

For decades now the wishes of our users have been incorporated in our products. This unconditional client orientation coupled with the highest quality standards is the basis for our successful partnership with electronics, automotive, building, cosmetics, medical, plastics and metal industry. On this page you will find relevant applications as well as our best products for your industry.

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We know how! Intelligent technical features make demanding applications possible.

Memmert knows exactly, what users from the industry need. Read here, which technological details make a Memmert heating oven, vacuum drying oven or climate chamber uniquely precise, reliable and efficient.

Controlled air exchange

Certain standard applications require controlled fan function and fixed air exchange rates. For the appliances with a TwinDISPLAY, fan speed and flap position can be set in the ControlCOCKPIT with the touch screen or can be programmed as parameters of the test routine with the control and logging software AtmoCONTROL. More on "Why Memmert"

Precision and perfect temperature distribution

The smaller the heating elements in an oven, the more heat is needed to reach the required temperature in the interior. A Memmert heating oven with a volume of 749 litres is surrounded on all sides by 52 metres of heating elements. Six heating circuits are controlled separately from one another so that the required temperature is exactly attained and maintained at every point in the interior – linearly and without fluctuations. More on the “all-round surface heating”

Drying of powder and granulate

In order to avoid samples drying or simmering in its own solutions, Memmert has developed a turbo-drying system with vacuum cycles for its vacuum oven VO. Two vacuum values can be set between which the pressure in the interior is adjusted in a digital, well-controlled way. The advantage is that large amounts of dry air, which absorbs humidity, can be admitted within a short time and is then immediately extracted by the vacuum pump.

Saving energy

In order to actually create exemplary energy savers, innovative ideas like using Peltier technology are required. In contrast to compressor technology, Peltier technology works in a particularly economical and energy-saving manner at temperatures close to the ambient temperature, since energy is only required if heating or cooling is needed. Therefore, very fine adjustments can be made to the heating or cooling functions. More on Peltier heating/cooling system

Case studies and applications in Industry

Precise tempering of industrial plasticine

Alongside CAD, computer projection and augmented reality, car designers still use a very traditional method to bring their designs to life. Clay, an industrial plasticine, is heated and stored in a precise and thermally safe clay oven, producing life-size models.

Research for the cars of tomorrow

TUfast e.V. is a student association at the Technical University of Munich. The association builds its own cars and has enjoyed regular success in race series such as Formula Student or Shell Eco-Marathon. The CFRP body parts undergo curing in a Memmert heating oven in a vacuum under heat.

Measuring the depth of carbonation in concrete

The standard DIN EN 206 assumes concrete structural components to have a service life of at least 50 years. Corrosion of the steel reinforcement in ferroconcrete caused by its exposure to CO2 (carbonation) can shorten the service life. Holcim HüttenZement GmbH is using a Memmert ICH C climate chamber with CO2 control to find out which characteristics concrete needs to have to minimise carbonation.

Determining wood density in a drying oven

The Royal Museum of Central Africa (RMCA) in the Belgian municipality of Tervuren is home to one of the world’s most important wood collections (xylarium). The wood biologists at the AfricaMuseum use several Memmert drying ovens to quarantine wood samples and to dry wood in order to determine its moisture content using the kiln-drying method.