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It is our passion for details that makes Memmert heating ovens, incubators and water baths so precise and durable. The fact that all of our products are developed and manufactured exclusively in-house has made us technology leaders in temperature control appliances. It is our hard-lined commitment to quality that has made us a reliable partner in the medical sector and medical research industry ever since we started out in 1947.

We know that end-to-end quality assurance is crucial when it comes to health. Memmert is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485 for medical devices certificated. Furthermore, Memmert successfully passed the extension of the MDD 93/42/EEC certificates. The existing EC certificate, directive 93/42/EEC was issued by the notified body and is now valid until May 2024 according to the transitional regulation (EU) 2017/745. The blanket warmer IFbw is used to warm non-sterile blankets and cloths. The INmplus/IFmplus incubator is applied for warming rinsing and infusion solutions. The SF/SFplus hot air steriliser for sterilisation of medical inorganic material and the ICOmed CO2 incubator for in vitro fertilisation and biosynthesis are certified medical devices.

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We know how! Intelligent technical features make demanding applications possible.

Memmert knows exactly, what users from the industry need. Read here, which technological details make a Memmert heating oven, vacuum drying oven or climate chamber uniquely precise, reliable and efficient.

Precision and perfect temperature distribution

The smaller the heating elements in an oven, the more heat is needed to reach the required temperature in the interior. A Memmert heating oven with a volume of 749 litres is surrounded on all sides by 52 metres of heating elements. Six heating circuits are controlled separately from one another so that the required temperature is exactly attained and maintained at every point in the interior – linearly and without fluctuations. More on the “all-round surface heating”

We know how:
When it comes to cell cultivation, active humidification is a must

In cell cultivation in multiwell plates, evaporation and condensation cause fluctuations in the concentration, which may significantly falsify test results. The evaluation of a Memmert CO2 incubator INCO showed that the active humidification system decreases evaporation considerably compared to incubators with passive humidification.

We know how:
SetpointWAIT function

The SetpointWAIT function ensures that the programme is not resumed before the setpoint temperature is reached. If the additional, freely positionable PT100 temperature sensors are used, the process begins once the setpoint temperature is reached at all measuring points – in the chamber load. Precisely maintaining the process time is therefore guaranteed at all times, irrespective of the chamber load and chamber volume. Thanks to the SetpointWAIT function, a process validation is easily possible.

Saving energy

In order to actually create exemplary energy savers, innovative ideas like using Peltier technology are required. In contrast to compressor technology, Peltier technology works in a particularly economical and energy-saving manner at temperatures close to the ambient temperature, since energy is only required if heating or cooling is needed. Therefore, very fine adjustments can be made to the heating or cooling functions. More on Peltier heating/cooling system

Case studies and applications in Medicine

Cell cultivation in stem cell research

Heidelberg-based TICEBA GmbH is a highly innovative biopharmaceuticals company in the field of stem cell research. As a manufacturer of medicines, TICEBA produces stem-cell-based medicines for clinical trials conducted by its subsidiary RHEACELL GmbH & Co. KG, which is heavily involved in research into stem cell therapies in the field of regenerative medicine. The Research, Production, and Quality Control departments have a whole battery of Memmert INCOmed246 CO2 incubators available for cell cultivation purposes.

Curing silicone and adhesives of Cochlea implants

The Austrian company MED-EL is one of the world's technology leaders in the field of hearing implant systems. In 2014, MED-EL was awarded, among others, the Austrian National Innovation Prize. They use more than 80 Memmert heating ovens in their production to cure silicones and adhesives. Thanks to the excellent service of Memmert partner GML-Fischerlehner + Kucera GmbH in Innsbruck, the appliances have been running reliably and problem-free for many years.

Development of polymer membranes

The Nanoscience Institute of Aragón in Zaragoza is supported by Memmert vacuum ovens in its research, in particular into the development of a polymer membrane with improved permeability and selectivity.

Drying of strain gauges in the drying oven

Greg LeMond, Mark Cavendish, Normann Stadler and Faris Al-Sultan are only a few of the thousands of athletes who have monitored their performance with the help of an SRM PowerMeter during their athletic careers. The highly sensitive strain sensors in the interior of the device enable precision and measurement accuracy. The hardening of the strain gauges is performed in three Memmert drying ovens.