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Temperature control appliances
for the pharmaceutical industry and life sciences

Applications and appliances for pharmaceutics and medical research

Due to an unconditional focus on the requirements of the customers Memmert, has been a reliable partner of the pharmaceutical industry and life sciences for decades now. It is our passion for details that determines the outstanding quality of our temperature control appliances.

Protein crystals like it quiet. In a Memmert Peltier-cooled incubator, they can grow at absolutely constant temperatures at almost no vibrations. The staff of the stability department asks for reliability. In a Memmert climate chamber, stability samples can be stored at unparalleled homogenous temperature and humidity for many years. Not everybody needs the whole range. A biochemist, who is looking for an appliance perfectly adapted to his requirements, can simply customise his very own Memmert CO2-incubator.

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We know how! Intelligent technical features make demanding applications possible.

Memmert knows exactly, what users from the industry need. Read here, which technological details make a Memmert heating oven, vacuum drying oven or climate chamber uniquely precise, reliable and efficient.

As little air circulation as possible in the incubator

The less forced air circulation the better.

Homogeneity measurements in Memmert incubators demonstrate that due to the perfect interaction of all-round heating with temperature control. Air circulation is in most cases unnecessary.

Even in an appliance with 749 litres chamber volume, the maximum deviation at natural convection and 37 °C never exceeds +/- 0.7 K.

Saving energy

In order to actually create exemplary energy savers, innovative ideas like using Peltier technology are required. In contrast to compressor technology, Peltier technology works in a particularly economical and energy-saving manner at temperatures close to the ambient temperature, since energy is only required if heating or cooling is needed. Therefore, very fine adjustments can be made to the heating or cooling functions. More on Peltier heating/cooling system

Precision and perfect temperature distribution

The smaller the heating elements in an oven, the more heat is needed to reach the required temperature in the interior. A Memmert heating oven with a volume of 749 litres is surrounded on all sides by 52 metres of heating elements. Six heating circuits are controlled separately from one another so that the required temperature is exactly attained and maintained at every point in the interior – linearly and without fluctuations. More on the “all-round surface heating”

We know how:
SetpointWAIT function

The SetpointWAIT function ensures that the programme is not resumed before the setpoint temperature is reached. If the additional, freely positionable PT100 temperature sensors are used, the process begins once the setpoint temperature is reached at all measuring points – in the chamber load. Precisely maintaining the process time is therefore guaranteed at all times, irrespective of the chamber load and chamber volume. Thanks to the SetpointWAIT function, a process validation is easily possible.

Case studies and applications in Pharma

Cell cultivation in stem cell research

Heidelberg-based TICEBA GmbH is a highly innovative biopharmaceuticals company in the field of stem cell research. As a manufacturer of medicines, TICEBA produces stem-cell-based medicines for clinical trials conducted by its subsidiary RHEACELL GmbH & Co. KG, which is heavily involved in research into stem cell therapies in the field of regenerative medicine. The Research, Production, and Quality Control departments have a whole battery of Memmert INCOmed246 CO2 incubators available for cell cultivation purposes.

Health care mattresses put to the acid test

Health care mattresses, especially those used to prevent bedsores, are subjected to stringent tests before they can be used in nursing homes or hospitals. MMC (Medical Mattress Care), a Belgian manufacturer of health care mattresses, uses the Memmert heating oven UNB200 to bring its foam test specimens to the temperature required by ISO 1856.

Cell-based assays in the incubator

Prof. Evi Kostenis is the head of a research group at the Institute for Pharmaceutical Biology of the University of Bonn that validated a label-free screening test system for pharmaceutically active substances. It is based on optic biosensors and is applied to numerous research projects with great success. They use a Peltier-cooled incubator IPP and an incubator I, both by Memmert, to ensure precise temperature control during the assays.

Stability test of hemp flowers in accordance with ICH

After a world-wide ban of cultivating cannabis, the restrictions have been loosened recently, so that companies such as Ai Fame are on legally safe ground to extract and research active substances of the cannabis plant. In a Memmert climate chamber ICH, the necessary stability tests are performed in accordance with ICH.