ACHEMA 2015 Tailored to your needs

It takes place every three years and every time it is an unforgettable event: ACHEMA - the world's largest trade fair for chemical technology, process technology and biotechnology. From 15-19 June 2015, Memmert once again welcomed friends and business partners from all around the world to their trade fair stand and their traditional evening event. The spotlight was on the customer-specific solutions of Memmert's myAtmoSAFE department, the INCOmed CO2 incubator with IVF module and the UF TS pass-through oven.

Memmert introduced a new plan for the trade fair stand at ACHEMA 2012. Now, three years later, comes the successful update. What remained were the open meeting niches and the distinctive red shelf for presentation of the appliances, which always drew interested glances from the aisles. Light, airy colours in the new stand design complemented Memmert’s signature red and, in keeping with the trade fair motto "Tailored to your needs", interactive stations and customer-specific appliance solutions took pride of place at the front.

Sweet memories

The interactive steles at the front of the trade fair stand allowed visitors to test out the product selector on the new website or play the Memmert application-memory. A high score of 22 clicks within 35 seconds was achieved by the end of the fair. Also, the idea of converting a transparent Memmert climate chamber HPP into a popcorn machine was a great success, as visitors simply followed the tempting scent. Many a casual conversation was struck up around the glass appliance, which has a counterpart that is used for the calibration of torque transmitters at the  Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) (German National Metrology Institute). Further highlights of the fair were the INCOmed CO2 incubator with IVF module for safer in-vitro fertilisation, as well as the UF TS pass-through oven in a new design.

Memmert family in playful mood

During the traditional get-together in the evening, the guests were still in a playful mood. The slightly cooler temperatures could hardly dampen the mood at the cosy Frankfurt Gerbermühle beer garden on the bank of the river Main, as the host had laid out blankets just in case. After an outstanding dinner, the guests enjoyed games of XXL Mikado and XXL Jenga, balanced on a slackline, entertained themselves by playing boules or put on their dancing shoes to the sounds of the hugely versatile party band Groovin Affairs.