Achema live 2009

Memmert celebrated its new products at the ACHEMA 2009 not just with a fanfare, but with an entire symphony. The focus was on the new climate and temperature test chambers, representing the AtmoSAFE philosophy.

During the world premiere of the Memmert Atmotion symphony on the evening of 12th May 2009, composer Andreas Köhler talked enthusiastically to over 140 guests from all over the world about his exciting task of setting to music the mission statement and the values of this company steeped in tradition.

100% AtmoSAFE, the promise of always ensuring the perfect atmosphere in the temperature control chambers, was the starting point for an impressive musical journey through the world of Memmert, stretching from cold to warm, from passion to efficiency, and from customer proximity to responsibility towards the environment.

On a symbolic level, Andreas Köhler easily switches between traditional and modern approaches, mixes atonal elements with classical themes and vocal parts.

A new star is born

Activity at the trade fair fell under the sign of product innovations. With the temperature and climatic test chambers, introduced for the first time, Memmert has made a flying start into new areas of application, because both appliances considerably reduce process times in controlled material and function testing. In addition, various new appliances with the cutting edge Peltier technology were represented.

In response to popular demand, particularly from the pharmaceutical industry, a new appliance size for the HPP constant climate chamber was developed with a chamber volume of 749 litres, and presented at the ACHEMA 2009 to a wide public. A further world premiere was the compact and environmentally-friendly Peltier cooling unit CDP 115 for Memmert waterbaths, which makes superfluous the use of external, energy-intensive cooling units with compressor technology.