AtmoCONTROL - latest updates February 2022

The Memmert software solution AtmoCONTROL has been updated routinely in recent years. Its diverse functions and properties are used by many users daily. The constant further development of our device software has led to the following changes in AtmoCONTROL and AtmoCONTROL FDA Version 2.10.

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The latest changes are seen in:

  • Visible line charts
  • PDF export
  • FDA user management

Visible line charts

The software offers the option of showing or hiding temperature characteristics in the graphical log view.

PDF exports

The ability to export important data in PDF format is of great importance to many users who need absolutely accurate documentation of their application. From now on, the device log entries will be exported and printed on the AtmoCONTROL log graphic printout and the tabular log in PDF.

FDA user management changes

Last but not least, we would like to inform AtmoCONTROL users about the changes in the user administration. In terms of user comfort and the intuitive operation of all Memmert devices, comments can now be created for other users in the user administration in order to increase interactivity and cooperation. For more information on this topic, please read the operating instructions (especially 9.1.5 Comment function).

The deactivation of users has been added to the AtmoCONTROL user interface. Users can now be permanently deactivated in AtmoCONTROL FDA and reactivated if necessary. For more information, see the instructions at 9.1.4 Lock flag for permanently locking of a user.

User manuals
User Manual AtmoCONTROL FDA-

AtmoCONTROL software FDA for IQ-documentation and OQ-documentation

User manuals
User manual AtmoCONTROL-

AtmoCONTROL software

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