When our first HPP constant climate appliance rolled off the assembly line in Büchenbach some 10 years ago, we had no idea that the HPP was going to be our most successful product range. As pioneers in the use of environmentally friendly Peltier technology in the laboratory, we are particularly proud of it. We have since delivered over 10,000 HPP appliances and become the largest, most successful and most innovative manufacturer of constant climate chambers using Peltier technology.

Market leader of environmentally friendly climate appliances thanks to Peltier technology

Peltier technology is an especially precise and energy-saving heating and cooling system and it’s therefore the most environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional cooling methods with compressors.

In 2008, Memmert was the first manufacturer of the successful adaption of Peltier technology for climate chambers. We were pioneers then, now we are the market leader in these products.

Equipped with the state-of-the-art TwinDISPLAY comfort control the constant climate chambers HPP are the best example for environmental protection in practice in connection with precision, durability and energy efficiency.

  • Environmentally-friendly: In contrast to compressor technology, Peltier technology does not require refrigerant, just electrical energy. The energy consumption of Memmert HPP at working temperature close to ambient temperature is incomparable low.
  • Precise: Peltier technology heats and cools seamlessly in one system and is therefore not only precise, but it also operates with minimal vibration and noise.
  • Durable: A Memmert HPP climate chamber runs and runs and runs. Due to the fact that there is no compressor, it avoids the need for extensive maintenance.
  • Economical: In typical working conditions, Memmert HPP constant climate chambers have a savings potential of 40% in operating costs compared to compressor cooled appliances of the same size.

HPP2200 constant climate chamber for our anniversary

Stability testing requires two things: reliable stable ambient conditions and a lot of space. Especially for the pharmaceutical and food industries we have therefore added the XXL version HPP2200 to our product portfolio. Despite the impressive 2,140 litre chamber volume and three full-height glass doors, the Peltier climate chamber guarantees excellent temperature and humidity stability in the whole working range. With HPP2200, we have expanded our product range for stability testing with Peltier technology to seven model sizes: from 108 to, believe it or not, 2,140 litres of chamber volume.