INCO CO2 incubator so good that it is being copied

People say that being copied is the greatest compliment a manufacturer can be paid. We usually take quite a relaxed view towards such efforts, as however often others try to copy our heating concept, their efforts have invariably failed.

These incubators were the first to offer
a direct heat, fanless design — transforming the way
cell culture is accomplished and making traditional
water-jacketed incubators a rusty relict of the past

Source: New Brunswick Scientific

We totally agree with the latter statement. And we know what we are talking about, as we have been working successfully with all-round heating from all six sides for nearly 20 years. We do not need an air circulation fan to achieve an excellent temperature distribution, but since CO2 gas is heavier than air, and the same conditions need to be created throughout the whole chamber for sensitive samples, it requires a small CO2 fan. True to our motto of 100% controlled atmosphere, every detail is important to us. As is a 4-hour sterilisation programme at 160°C. 

Which brings us to our final point – hygiene. Many customers are asking for an additional HEPA filter to comply with internal quality assurance guidelines. And for this very reason, because the desires of our customers are important to us, we of course offer this as an accessory.