Innovative, sustainable, future-proof:
new refrigerant from 2025

R290 - For more powerful and environmentally friendly cooling

Conversion to the natural refrigerant R290 propane

From 2025 the climate chambers ICH and ICP will run with the eco-friendly and natural refrigerant R290 propane instead of the currently used refrigerant R134a. This change offers plenty of advantages for our customers and partners. With a GWP (=global warming potential) of only 3, the new appliances taking the next step towards sustainability and efficiency. Furthermore, they meet all requirements of the new EU Regulations 517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases which applies in the European Union from 1 January 2025.

Why R290 propane?

environmental friendliness:

  • Low global warming potential: R290 has an extremely low GWP of 3.
  • Supports climate targets: Our conversion is in line with the EU's advanced climate targets.

higher efficiency and performance:

  • Optimum heat compensation: Perfect performance even under extreme conditions.
  • Energy efficiency: Lower energy consumption leads to lower operating costs.

future-proofing and regulatory advantages:

  • Long-term availability: R290 will be available on the market in the long term, guaranteeing a reliable supply of refrigerant even after years of operation.
  • Compliant: The new refrigerant fulfils all the requirements of EU Regulation 517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-Gas Regulation)

Your advantages:

By switching to R290, we are not only offering you a more environmentally friendly solution, but also a more efficient one. You can rest assured that your appliances will meet upcoming regulatory requirements while benefiting from improved performance features.

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