International Sales Meeting at Memmert

For the first time, international sales representatives and branch managers met their colleagues from customer service and the development team at the Memmert headquarters for an intense exchange of experience. At the meeting that took place from June 10 to June 13 2014 they not only did business, but also celebrated in splendid weather.

Fortunately, modern technology offers all the possibilities for fast and easy communication today. It can still, however, never replace personal conversations in which complex topics like strategic orientation, standards and regulations or product innovations can be discussed in detail. For this reason, the Memmert international sales representatives and branch managers will get together regularly once a year for the International Sales Meeting. For the first meeting from June 10 until June 13, 2014, Clement Mu, the Memmert branch manager in China, Shailesh Bhat, head of Memmert in India, Nabil Nourine, sales representative in France, as well as Roman Kovacic, who is responsible for Memmert in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Slovakia, came to the Schwabach company headquarters.

Differences and opportunities on global markets

Heinz Bayer, who is responsible for the development of global markets, was very pleased about the results at the end of four work-filled days. "At Memmert, one of our longest standing traditions is to visit our international clients as often as possible. However, due to the steady growth it is becoming increasingly difficult for our staff at the headquarters to be present everywhere. This is why our international sales team has a very important bridging function. During the meeting, we gained important knowledge about the difference of markets regarding potential target customers, market cultivation and applications. In cooperation with our management, we were able to immediately develop our future strategic orientation and an extensive set of measures." 

Focus on INCOivf for in vitro fertilisation

It goes without saying that the information flow was in both directions. Helmut Och, who is responsible for standards and regulations at Memmert, spoke, among other things, about § 31 of the German Law on Medical Products (MPG), which regulates the field of activities for medical product advisers. The R&D department presented new appliance functions and software updates, the custom products team talked about the possibilities for the customer-specific adjustment of our devices, and Heinz Bayer dealt with a priority topic: the presentation of the new CO2 incubator INCOivf for in vitro fertilisation. It goes without saying that the splendid spring weather and the typical Franconian specialities helped make this first gathering a success. A visit to the Nuremberg beer festival, as well as a traditional barbecue at Mr. Bayer´s home were the perfect settings for people to relax after a hard day's work and of course chat about the subject uniting the world at the moment: soccer.