It's Christmas at the Memmert Family

Christmas at Memmert is something very special and remains a warm and special time for the employees and for our long-standing partners. As traditionally, the festive season continues to be marked by the idea of "donating instead of giving". We would like to show our loyal partners and employees the appreciation they deserve every year.

Side by side into the New Year

A quite challenging year is now coming to an end. On behalf of all our employees, we wish you a warm holiday season. This joyous time of the year brings us all together, and the time spent with one’s family makes it all the more special. We are very grateful for the immense international solidarity between our partners that we have been able to experience in the past months. We would like to thank all business partners, customers and employees for their loyalty and great cooperation over the past months. Once again, it reassured us that if we have the same goal in mind, we can achieve anything. Finally, after the last few years, we were able to meet and develop our cooperation with our national and international partners at the ACHEMA as well as at our dealer event at our headquarters.

Wooden Christmas booths

One of the highlights of the pre-Christmas period at Memmert this year were the wooden Christmas booths in Büchenbach and Schwabach, the two Memmert locations. The employees were able to enjoy their lunch break together with Christmas music, good food and delicious punch.

Christmas donations

Cohesion has been a top priority in the Memmert Family for decades, which is why it goes without saying, we are supporting a number of social organizations and projects this year in addition to our employees. It is a matter close to our heart and we would like to present these projects to you.

Giving comfort and strength - Stiftung Ambulantes Kinderhospiz München (AKM)

With three family godparenthoods Memmert will continue to support the  Stiftung Ambulantes Kinderhospiz München (AKM). This hospice has been helping families with terminally ill and life-threatening unborn children, newborns, children, adolescents and young adults in Munich and throughout Bavaria for almost 20 years. The patients are looked after by a professional team of highly qualified specialists as well as a large number of volunteers. The foundation provides solid support for families in difficult situations and establish moments of comfort, love, safety, and normalcy. We will continue our efforts to ensure the care and support of those affected and to help shape the work of the AKM successfully.

It's the person in need that counts - Ärzte ohne Grenzen (Doctors Without Borders)

Every human being has the right to health care even during times of conflict or disaster. This is where the  Ärzte ohne Grenzen e. V. (Doctors Without Borders) specializes in. The international network provides emergency medical aid in over 70 countries around the world. The organization provides around ten million free treatments every year for people, often including children, facing destitution, without food, shelter and resources. The sick and injured are rescued all over the world and provided with food, medicine and general relief supplies. The care is provided regardless of race, religion, culture or political beliefs. Memmert wholeheartedly supports this commitment and would like to set an example for more humanity, humanitarianism and solidarity.

The little things help - SOS-Kinderdorf e. V (SOS Children's Villages)

 SOS-Kinderdorf e. V. (SOS Children's Villages) works toward providing children from all over the world a safe home. Regardless of politics and denomination, the association is committed to give the children and youth a good start in life in a variety of ways. Despite economic progress, children and young people in many countries suffer from poverty and inequality. For this reason, we have been supporting the independently created aid project SOS-Kinderdorf e. V. . Globally, 1 million children and youth are cared for and supported every year. We are happy to be part of this great project and wish the SOS-Kinderdorf e. V. continued success!

Animal-assisted therapy for children and adolescents

Dr. Katharina Alexandridis is an equine therapist and researches the influence of horse and animal-assisted therapy for children and adolescents with mental illness at the "Institute for Movement Therapy and Movement-Oriented Prevention and Rehabilitation" of the German Sport University Cologne. In addition to founding a support association for animal-assisted interventions and movement therapy for mental illness, our help will continue to benefit animal-assisted outpatient movement therapy with both dogs and horses for eating disorders. We are happy to support the research in 2023 and wish  Dr. Katharina Alexandrinis and her team continued success in their valuable work.