Karin Fingerhut 40 years with Memmert

Karin Fingerhut would certainly be invincible in the famous game of "spot the error". She never misses transposed numbers, spelling mistakes or printing deadlines. With this never ending reliability, she is the soul of the marketing department and has been working for Memmert for 40 years now. It is only natural that, during the official celebration of her 40 years with Memmert, she has not only received words of praise but anecdotes have been told, as she is one of the few Memmert employees who have actually worked for the founder of the company, Willi Memmert.

Jürgen Gambert, commercial director at Memmert, had thoroughly done his research prior to the event. In his official speech in honour of Karin Fingerhut, he said that employees in Germany change their workplace after 5.3 years on average. This number would certainly be a lot lower if there were no employees as loyal and reliable as Karin every now and again.  The fact that Karin Fingerhut has been working for this one company for so many years was acknowledged by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Germany by awarding her with the degree honoris causa.

Jürgen Gambert and technical sales manager Heinz Bayer both drew an analogy to the Olympics of 2012 and 1972 in their words of thanks. So to speak, Karin Fingerhut has been practising top-level sports at Memmert for 40 years. This is a task that would not be possible without her perseverance, discipline and strong will. Those who know Karin closer, however also appreciate the many other qualities she has, which she even proves in the biggest hustle and bustle. Beside her helpfulness and her warm-heartedness, these are above all her special charisma, her great sense of humour and her straightforwardness.

Even today, Karin Fingerhut grinningly remembers her first few days at Memmert, which at the same time marked the beginning of her professional life. Young and inexperienced and with her freshly printed graduation diploma, she had mistaken the senior manager Willi Memmert for the doorman, as he was wearing a grey work coat. In her second week, he then already sent her to a trade fair with his Franconian accent. "Girl, you are going to the trade fair. Take a look around, listen closely and do not disgrace me!"

Of course, Karin Fingerhut has also worked for every single Memmert management so far.  As an assistant to Peter Riefler, she managed the correspondence and went through the incoming mail with him every day. In addition, she worked in distribution for many years and eventually was in charge for Eastern Europe and the Middle East before she completely switched to the marketing department.

She is an allround talent and we hope that she will be with us for many years to come.