Memmert Anniversaries

10, 25, 30 years! There is a good tradition in our company that many of our employees start off at an early age at Memmert and remain young at heart with us. Carsten Angermeyer, technical manager and Jürgen Gambert, commercial manager at Memmert, honored three people celebrating their anniversaries for their many years of loyalty to the company.

“I was shown respect because I worked for Memmert. This was along the lines of ‘if you work at Memmert, you have to be quite good“, explains Zoran Dordevic, who is celebrating his
30-year anniversary as an employee and who has a few inside stories to tell as well. “I tried six times to find work at Memmert. But back then there was a very strict porter, who shook his head each time he saw me. The seventh time, he let me through and I was so proud to have a job at Memmert. The work here is very varied and there is a good, family-oriented work climate.“

Carsten Angermeyer adds: “Zoran began working in assembly. He then mainly welded the cases of waterbaths and vacuum ovens, before the welding robots took over. Even today, Zoran is the best man in the company at his job, his precise welds are legendary. And since he now works in prototype assembly for custom production, he can still make use of his talent.“ Jürgen Gambert reveals another small secret about the man celebrating his jubilee: “Welding is really an art, since Zoran is also a talented amateur artist.“ Zoran has another nine years until he retires and he hopes, of course, that he will be able to celebrate his 40th anniversary here as well.

Chrissovalantis Natsios began his training as a construction mechanic at Memmert ten years ago. He passed his final exam with flying colours and since 2009 he has been a master craftsman in metal construction. Chris Natsios is a shining example of what you can achieve with hard work and commitment. Because today, the Memmert R&D department has a high opinion of the up-and-coming design engineer who has already helped to create a number of innovations in the mechanical components of Memmert appliances.

The third person celebrating his Memmert anniversary is Roland Köhl who has also continued learning throughout his working life. The head of the purchasing department at Memmert began as an electronic technician 25 years ago. After further training to become an engineer and a technical business manager, he worked in the electronics development department and played a significant role in setting up the fully automated circuit board assembly line. “Today, he is the scourge of our suppliers“, says Jürgen Gambert, smirking, but he doesn’t really mean this. Because, despite their commitment at work, all three people celebrating their anniversaries are genuine Memmertians: friendly, open and always ready to help. The whole Memmert family gives their warm congratulations!