Memmert Benefits: Eat like the stars

The Memmert Family continues to grow. We are gaining new employees every month, and the infrastructure is naturally adapting to the new conditions. That's why it was time to rebuild and completely renew the canteen in Büchenbach. Since December 2022, the canteen in Büchenbach has an open kitchen, a new counter and new kitchen eqipment.

We were curious and interviewed our two star chefs Manfred, Manni, Hechtel and Tim Atorf about their newly designed workplace:

Tim Atorf
Manfred Hechtel (Manni)

What has changed with the new canteen compared to before?

Manni and Tim: Before the renovation, we prepared the food for both locations in Schwabach and then drove the food from Schwabach to Büchenbach every day and reheated it there. We were able to completely eliminate this loss of quality through the conversion, as we can now cook at both locations. In addition, we can now offer more snacks such as buns and pretzels in Büchenbach.

What do you like about the new canteen?

Manni and Tim: It's especially nice that we are now closer to the employees and can maintain contacts better. Thanks to the open counter, we can cook right in front of our colleagues and that's  a great feeling!

And what do the Memmert employees say about it?

"The new canteen not only looks great and seems more comfortable, but also offers us the opportunity to look over the shoulders of our chefs and witness how our delicious food is prepared –  and we are really looking forward to that!"

Our two chefs create weekly menus, menu suggestions for anniversaries, visits and events all by themselves. They place particular emphasis on fresh, regional and seasonal ingredients - and this starts with the planning and purchasing. Since balanced and healthy food is close to Memmert's heart, we not only serve homemade burgers and roasts with meat from the local butcher or local fish, but also stuffed peppers, vegetable strudels, cheese noodles or sometimes "exotic" dishes such as fried noodles, risotto and couscous - to name just a few dishes that both chefs lovingly cook for us every day. Two different salad creations are also offered weekly. And what is the best thing about it? Our food is offered at an excellent price-performance ratio.

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Here are a few more impressions of the delicious food that Tim and Manni cooked: