Memmert classifies blanket warmer IFbw as a medical device

Blanket warmers are vital when giving first aid to seriously injured patients in emergency rooms. In a Memmert blanket warmer IFbw, blankets and cloths preheated to any precise temperature to keep patients warm before and after surgery are always close at hand. This minimises the risk of complications such as wound infections, cardiovascular disorders, cardiac arrhythmia or vascular disorders.

After the Memmert CO2 incubator ICOmed was recently classified as a medical device, this is now followed by the blanket warmers IFbw. These appliances are Class I medical devices in accordance with EU Directive 93/42/EEC and are intended for warming non-sterile blankets and cloths.

A stringent evaluation and testing process for appliances that are primarily used in clinics and hospitals goes without saying for Stephan Eberlein, Head of Sales Force Germany at Memmert. “There can be no compromise when it comes to the safety of patients and hospital staff”, he explains. “A blanket warmer must never be allowed to overheat, for example”, he continues, “even if, as can unfortunately happen all too easily in practice, it is filled right up to the top with blankets and cloths.”

The heating capacity of the Memmert blanket warmer IFbw is limited to 80 ℃ to prevent cotton textiles from overheating if the blanket warmer is overloaded. Three platinum sensors monitor the surface temperatures in the interior and a mechanical temperature limiter interrupts the power supply at a maximum temperature of 85 ℃. The air inside the hermetically sealed interior is constantly circulated and an automatic open door sensor switches the heater and fan off if the door is opened.