Memmert football ground completed

During the festive presentation of the new punching and bending line, Memmert’s own football ground was opened on July29th, 2010 in Büchenbach. Two Memmert teams, comprising a diverse mix of office workers and technicians, parted after two twenty-minute halves, with a 7:4 victory for the team in green.

Building the football ground is part of the Memmert philosophy to support its employees in finding an ideal balance between family, private life and profession. An important aspect here is sport, which encourages not only physical fitness, but also mental freshness and relaxation. Subscriptions in fitness studios are subsidised, for example, the company maintains its own triathlon team and twice a week finances professionally supervised running sessions in the midday break.

The Memmert football team now has sufficient opportunity to train for future success on the football ground, scenically located on the edge of the woods, and of course all employees at the Büchenbach factory are welcome to the ground to play with colleagues in breaks or after work.