Memmert hot air steriliser for Rwanda

The first week in April 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of Rwandan genocide. The path to reconciliation is still long: hundreds of thousands of people are traumatized, children orphaned and homeless. 90 % of this destitute country's population depend on agriculture, leaving barely any possibilities for a better future through education. A German paediatric surgeon devotes his life to helping Rwandan children. Memmert gladly supported his work by providing a new hot air steriliser SNB400.

Paediatrician Dr. Alfred Jahn describes himself as a "nomadic doctor". His restless nature is reflected in his countless stays abroad, as well as in his being an eternal admonisher, helper and enlightener. During the Vietnam War, he treated the war-wounded, in the 1980s he performed surgeries on children in Thailand, and from 1997 on, he spent his annual leave in operating theatres in Rwanda. After his retirement, he left Germany in 2002 and moved to his new home in Nyamirambo, near Kigali. He dedicated himself to the care of "his" children, to whom he had developed a deep, personal bond over the years. The 77-year-old, who was never in need of luxury, says that he has found his true calling, and is just thankful that his own health gives him the opportunity to carry out his work in Rwanda day in day out.

A life for Rwanda's children

Even 20 years after the genocide, which had an impact that is still incomprehensible today, Rwanda is still suffering. The association "Kinderhilfe Ruanda e.V." (Rwanda children's aid), which was founded by Dr. Jahn in 2002, collects donations in order to give lost, orphaned homeless children a home, education and care. In regular letters to his supporters, such as in April 2014, Alfred Jahn talks about his life.

At the moment, 63 children and young people between the ages of 8 and 24 are being taken care of as part of our project. 17 of them are girls. I live in our house with 18 children. The others attend a boarding school or live with their families under very poor conditions, where parents or other breadwinners are unable to provide for their children. These children receive a monthly budget, we pay the school fees and any other education-related costs.

The hospital staff in Ruli happily welcome the new appliance

In addition to his association-backed organisational work for the children´s homes, Dr. Jahn still performs surgeries several times a week. He is the only paediatric surgeon residing permanently  in Rwanda. The hospital equipment in this destitute country is worlds apart from the high-tech medicine in highly developed countries. It goes without saying that Memmert lends a helping hand to the hospital in Ruli by donating the new hot air steriliser. Last year alone, €1,000 of the proceeds from the Memmert barbecue stand at the Challenge Roth were donated to the association Kinderhilfe e.V. Please support Dr. Jahn's work in Rwanda. 100 % of your donations go to help the children.

Kinderhilfe in Ruanda Dr. Alfred Jahn e.V.
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