Memmert m360 unveils lab automation device

The m360 lab automation device from Memmert is a look into the future of customized lab solutions for the climate and temperature control market.

Creative innovation put to daily practice

The modern laboratory requires safe, efficient, and productive devices that meet the demands of today’s technicians, researchers, and scientists. m360 welcomes you to its latest innovation: Memmert constant climate chamber HPP450eco.

Memmert m360 laboratory automation device

The industry standard HPPeco

Memmert m360 laboratory automation device

This device is specifically tailored while offering the reliable and premium Advanced Peltier Technology. The HPPeco has a temperature range of +0 °C up to +70 °C, TwinDISPLAY, remote tablet access, active humidification, and dehumidification up to 90% RH, precise homogeneity of temperature and humidity and an illumination unit – all housed in robust, corrosion-free stainless steel.

Customized HPP450eco

m360 takes on the standard HPPeco and construction the tailor-made HPP450eco with a collaborative robot, Cobot, attached to it, in addition to other never seen before Memmert customizations.

The image shows the m360 lab automation device as it is about to open its automatic doorway for the cobot arm to place the sample inside the working chamber that it is holding onto securely with its grippers.

Memmert m360 laboratory automation device

Does laboratory automation fit your process?

Memmert m360 laboratory automation device

Made for users looking to reduce human errors, monitor samples individually, control remotely, be time efficient, maintain productivity, secure consistent and precise operation, avoid any use of compressed air in individual local conditions as per user needs, and modernize labs. It ensures users are safe with time invested into less monotonous activities. This easily integrates into an existing laboratory ecosystem with advanced innovation between human and cobot interaction.

Our vision of laboratory automation is to make your tasks easier in research labs and commercial industries. Here, we offer many of Memmert's recognized features presented in a never seen before, custom device with unique features to integrate itself into the modern lab.

Simon Messthaler, Project Manager at m360

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