Memmert Rothsee Triathlon 2017

As in the last few years, the last weekend in June once again saw the whole triathlon community in the region descend on us here at the Rothsee. This occasion is also a firm fixture in the Memmert family’s calendar, just like Christmas or birthdays. Over 2000 athletes turned out in brilliant sunshine to take part in the 29th Memmert Rothsee Triathlon. Not only did Memmert, as the main sponsor of this perfectly run event, organised entirely by volunteers, lend its name to the triathlon, our employees were also there running on the track, as spectators cheering participants along the route, and manning our stand at the starting line.

The Saturday of the triathlon weekend started off with children in the age group 6 - 7 years. They were followed by the next age groups up to juniors, and finally the second National Triathlon Championship.

Before and after the race, all of the children (as well as anyone else who is still young at heart) could try their hand at the Memmert Pavilion duck fishing competition. In addition to the main prize, a Garmin Fitness Watch, for duck number 29 (to mark the occasion of the 29th Rothsee Triathlon), nobody had to go home empty-handed. The box of prizes was full to the brim. Visitors and participants could also find out about our current training and job vacancies while enjoying chilled drinks from a Memmert appliance, and there were also deck chairs for people to relax in while watching the triathlon go by. 

Short Distance Triathlon | 1.5 km swimming, 42 km cycling and 10 km running

Although the Sunday started off a bit cloudy, this didn’t discourage our athletes or dampen their anticipation for the competition. Team Memmert included Matthias Grosser, who came in 16th overall, after an excellent time of 2:08, Stephan Weber, who reached the finishing line after 2 hours 11 minutes, and Benedikt Spangenberg, who completed the race in 2 hours 12 minutes, thus achieving a good sixth place as a team. The rest of the individual participants also mastered the 29th Rothsee Triathlon with flying colours.

Great motivation for the relay starters

The advantage of a relay race is that it allows participants with less training experience to take part in a triathlon. “Repeat offenders” as well as “novices” once again donned red shirts and took to the starting line for Team Memmert in a total of seven relay teams in this year’s race. The fastest Memmert group of the day, consisting of Kerstin Meyer, Lisa Schwab and Nina Kuhn, came in tenth. Taking part in a relay team like this has already infected several participants with the “triathlon virus” in the past...

The full list of relay results of the Memmert team:


53Eckstein, Marco00:25:4801:09:4100:38:3702:16:30
802Fischer, Mark00:26:1501:42:3401:01:4503:22:09
16Grosser, Matthias00:22:5901:07:3200:35:4802:08:44
822Höhn, Thomas00:39:3001:38:3101:11:1403:34:15
91Kohler, Benjamin00:26:0801:13:2700:39:0602:21:14
143Krug, Bettina00:36:3401:33:2200:59:0603:14:02
53Meisner, Melissa00:28:4301:24:4900:53:3902:50:05
188Neubig, Daniel00:30:5201:13:1900:42:2602:29:37
579Pirkl, Georg00:34:0901:22:4200:50:3002:51:49
121Rudolph, Björn00:27:0601:17:2700:37:1302:24:01
507Rupprecht, Hannes00:32:0401:17:5700:52:3302:46:56
29Sauer, Marina00:27:5801:21:1100:47:5502:40:13
35Spangenberg, Benedikt00:23:3101:08:3900:37:5102:12:13
111Stützinger, Gregor00:30:1201:08:0600:41:3402:22:54
26Weber, Stephan00:25:0001:06:4700:37:1502:11:35
43Peter Krieger, Ingo Weisler, Felix Weisler00:29:5401:27:5500:49:4602:50:51
56Thomas Greger, Sebastian Kröller, Norbert Schuster00:37:0801:43:2001:00:3303:24:07
10Kerstin Meyer, Lisa Schwab, Nina Kuhn00:29:2201:37:3500:52:4203:02:19
47Hanno Dietrich, Nadine Tax, Engles Menkonnen00:41:1801:27:2600:39:5602:51:15
58Harald von Blumenthal, Heinz Bayer, Jürgen Gambert