Memmert saves over €10,000 per year

“How can a company improve energy efficiency and reduce electricity costs?”, was the question our apprentices were determined to answer. Nina, Albert and Maxi decided to undergo an EnergyScout training at the IHK Munich. With their newly acquired knowledge and driven by the desire to create a significant impact through small changes, they implemented a revolutionary project:

Challenges and Opportunities

The devices undergo rigorous testing, where maintaining a consistent temperature is of utmost importance. In order to maintain the temperature in the rooms, the fans used to run continuously throughout the year. However, this led to considerable heat loss in the winter months due to the cold ambient air flowing in. The surrounding rooms had to be reheated first, which resulted in additional annual heating costs of around €12,000. Our apprentices recognized that something had to change!

The Solution

With their innovative thinking and newly acquired expertise, Maximilian, Albert, and Nina introduced a brilliant solution: an automatic sensor-based control system to optimize fan operation. Under the expert guidance of our instructors and development experts, they installed a new mechanism with a programmable control, that activates the fan only when the room temperature exceeds 25°C or the humidity exceeds 75%. Thanks to this mechanism, the fan now only needs to run for three hours daily.

Benefits and Achievements

The remarkable 87% reduction in fan runtime brings numerous advantages:

  1.  Heating Costs: Our heating oil costs could be reduced by almost €10,500 per year.
  2. CO2 Emissions: Annual CO2-emissions could be reduced by 19.3 tons.
  3. Thermal Energy: The fan project enabled us to save 59.58 megawatt-hours of energy.
  4. Cost Efficiency: The total cost of implementing the fan project, conducted by our apprentices, amounted to only €306.96 – a small investment with significant savings.

Recognition and Award

For their exceptional achievements, Maxi, Albert, and Nina were honored during the Energy Scout Competition 2023, winning first place among German medium-sized companies. With the benefits mentioned above, our apprentices' fan project represents an important milestone in our commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness. Maxi, Albert, and Nina set a great example and demonstrate that innovation and sustainability could go hand in hand. Regardless of our age, we can all work together for a greener future.

We are incredibly proud of the three of you and grateful for your fantastic idea!