Memmert Team Third place in the city run

Every year on the Sunday after 3rd October, “German Unity Day”, the Schwabach RIBE city run and the Sparkasse half marathon take place. Memmert acted as an official sponsor for the first time, so of course many members of the Memmert sports team took up the challenge under ideal competition conditions. The result at the end was impressive: Memmert took third place in the team ranking of the main race.

For many years now, Memmert has been supporting its employees in sports activities as managing director Christiane Riefler-Karpa in particular knows how important sport can be as the ideal activity to offset a strenuous profession. And the commitment bears ever more fruit. In the meantime, former couch potatoes were infected with the fitness virus, and former competitive athletes rediscovered their enjoyment of sport.

Three of them formed part of the team that came in third in the team ranking for the main race on 7th October, and explicit congratulations go to Andrea Weiss, Nina Kuhn and Benni Spangenberg for this great performance. Benni Spangenberg and Nina Kuhn had celebrated their premiere at the Nuremberg city run four days earlier, Bennie Spangenberg with his first half marathon, and Nina Kuhn with her first official run of 10 km, so once again our warmest congratulations at this point.

As a Memmert relay swimmer former competitive swimmer Andrea Weiss had achieved a great time at the Challenge Roth 2011, but actually she wanted to start her running career first with a more manageable 5-kilometre run. But then it turned into 10 kilometres, and she also managed this, as expected, with flying colours.

The start and finish lines were at the wonderful Schwabach market place, dominated by its 16th century Gothic town hall and the historically important town church of St. Johannes and St. Martin. This year’s half marathon of more than 21.1 kilometres began in pouring rain, but when the nearly 170 participants in the main race of more than 10 kilometres were ready to start, there was a break in the clouds and the race took place through the idyllic Franconian landscape in pleasant temperatures, and at times in splendid sunshine. We would like to thank the entire Memmert sports team and also our Memmert friends for wearing the Memmert colours so proudly, and we wish everybody a successful end to the 2012 sports season.

The individual results


Half Marathon 21,1 km

Christiane Karpa


Ralf Achtnicht


Gabi Weiß




Main Race 10 km

Simon Weiß


Nina Kuhn


Felix Weiß


Marco Eckstein


Benedikt Spangenberg


Andrea Weiss