Memmert's future is bright

Memmert proudly celebrates its first production facility abroad, with a grand opening ceremony in Changshu, Suzhou

Schwabach, October 2023 The Memmert Group, a world-leading company in the development and production of premium laboratory equipment with a long history in its industry, has been serving the Asian region for more than 50 years.  Sold through several international offices such as in China, India, Slovakia and the USA, hundreds of thousands of Memmert products have been successfully in use for decades in over 160 countries all over the globe.

2023 is destined to be an extraordinary year

In advance of its 90 year anniversary event, the Memmert Group made a major strategic decision to invest and establish its first overseas manufacturing plant, ‘Memmert Equipment Manufacturing (Changshu) Co., Ltd.', in Changshu, Suzhou.

With the establishment of this new manufacturing site, we are able to ramp up large-scale production in China. Through the introduction of advanced production technology and a highly committed team Memmert ensures the highest level of quality. Following the vigorous development of China and the Asia Pacific market, we strive to be as close as possible to our customers. The new factory in China will inherit the unique craftsmanship spirit of ‘Memmert', guarantee the Memmert quality of products and provide customers with the unique expert services of Memmert.

Grand opening ceremony in Changshu, Suzhou

Today, Memmert has celebrated the opening of its new production facility and commemorated the occasion with a grand opening ceremony.

In addition to the event’s official guests, Memmert was delighted to also welcome many customers and partners from the region as well as the entire workforce.  

Memmert’s future is bright

With the establishment of the production site in China, Memmert will locally manufacture products for the Asian markets. This enables us to significantly shorten delivery times and individually adjust product features to market demands. A further important benefit is the reduction of emissions from transportation and shortened supply chains.  

We believe that the market for our high-tech products, which are used widely in the pharmaceutical, medical and industrial sector is growing rapidly. This growth will be facilitated by our production site here in Changshu.

Our even more diverse and well connected ‘Memmert family’ is the cornerstone for great future development. To paraphrase a quote from Laotse, the great ancient Chinese philosopher: " A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."