New Memmert products March 2010

Storing samples with the new storage chamber IPS, cooled incubator IPP with 749 litres chamber volume, cooled incubator ICP 600 to 800 from -12 °C and CO2 incubator INCO with optional oxygen control.

Why should anyone optimise the performance of an incubator for rapid, and thus energy-intensive, heating up and cooling down phases, when it is used mainly for storing samples at constant temperatures?

Storage Chamber IPS

As a consequence of this consideration, Memmert Engineering developed the new storage chamber IPS, based on Peltier technology. Running with no vibration and above all practically silent, this environmentally friendly heating/cooling system saves on operating costs to a considerable extent.

Not only are energy costs reduced, which can make a big difference for companies and institutions with environmental certification, but also the costs for refrigerants and maintenance of the refrigeration.

Cooled Incubator IPP 800

Apart from this innovation, Memmert introduces a large volume model of its microbiological Peltier-cooled incubator IPP, tried and tested for the past 10 years, at the analytica. It features a capacity of 749 litres.

Cooled Incubators ICP 600-800

The compressor-cooled ICP incubators from a volume of 256 l for the first time explore sub-zero temperatures, with a maximum cooling power of -12 °C.

CO2 Incubator INCO with optional oxygen control

Also new in the programme: The Memmert CO2 incubator INCO is being supplemented with an optional O2 module for the digital control of oxygen supply in the chamber.