Powder and granulate

If vacuum ovens are applied to dry large amounts of powder and granulate, the occurring volume expansion of the heated atmosphere in the interior sets a physically defined end to the capability of the vacuum pump to transfer humidity.

The result: Heat transfer and steam removal come out of balance and the samples dry extremely slow or even simmer in their own juice.
Just opening the door of the vacuum oven to ventilate the interior would be the worst possible solution of this problem. For this reason, Memmert as the first manufacturer worldwide has developed a turbo-drying system with vacuum cycles for its vacuum oven VO. Thanks to this ramp programming, two vacuum values can be set between which the pressure in the interior is adjusted in a digital, well-controlled way.  The advantages are obvious: Large amounts of dry air, which absorbs humidity, can be admitted within a short time and is then immediately extracted by the vacuum pump.