Sustainability and healthy eating concern us all

How MEATOSYS, an innovative start-up, is working together with MEMMERT to create a better world of tomorrow

The project

lmagine a world where centuries-old organic farming blends seamlessly with cutting-edge technological advancements - where agriculture is the key to solving the world's most pressing environmental problems, and real meat can be grown without harming animals. We firmly believe that it is time to pave the way to this future, and that is why we are building MEATOSYS - the organically grown meat

lt is complex and yet simple: stem cells are harvested from umbilical cords and combined with a nutrient solution without harming animals. This creates the perfect conditions for the cells to for the cells to grow into healthy meat. 
By giving farmers the opportunity to participate in this revolutionary way of producing meat using local biological resources, not only is a sustainable and desirable product created, but also a further develop­ment of the product, but also promotes the further development of agriculture for the better. 

The partners

MEATOSYS from Hamburg is a biotech startup that enables farmers to produce cultured meat from cell material from their own animals on the farm. lt has developed a business concept that integrates seamlessly into existing agriculture and strength­ens it. 

MEMMERT from Schwabach is the world's leading manufacturer of climate chambers and temperature control units for laboratories and industry. 
The team of experts in the "m360" department develops individual, perfect solutions for every ap­plication in close cooperation with customers and business partners. 

The MEATOSYS Advantage

  • Massive increase in efciency
    Our technology enables farmers to maintain production capacity with one eighth of their livestock.
  • Strengthening rural areas
    Meat continues to be produced regionally and not in a gigafactory on the other side of the world.
  • Sustainable energy production
    Renewable energy sources are widely available locally (wind, solar, biogas), enabling the meat production to be fed entirely from our own energy sources.
  • Cheaper and more sustainable than all centralized approaches
    To achieve the annual production of 225 kt of meat (14% of the annual meat production in Germany) we only need 5% of the capital. Our CO2 and water footprint is significantly lower because we use sustainable energy sources on site and the highly efficient Memmert temperature control appliance.
  • Significantly improved animal welfare
    85% fewer animals are needed and the remaining animals have more space and better living conditions.

Memmert and innovative start-ups: a symbiotic relationship

MEATOSYS requires mobile production solutions and highly specialized growth technologies in premium quality, which have not been available on the market in this form until now. Memmert and the m360 team of experts have developed and produced high-performance temperature control appliances according to MEATOSYS' individual requirements. These first prototypes are currently in use.

What makes Memmert so special for MEATOSYS? In addition to obvious points such as technical expertise in the construction of climate chambers, it is above all the enthusiasm of the employees and the management for innovative ideas and concepts. This enthusiasm is not only reflected in high-quality cooperation at eye level, but also in speed. We think in terms of solutions, not problems. This is essential if you want to create new things and break new ground.

By working with start-ups, Memmert gains direct insight into potential future market trends and expandsits own "innovation radar". In addition, engineers, developers and production employees are constantlybeing challenged. More innovations are the result.