Team Memmert fun at the Roth district run

Memmert would not miss the opportunity to gather an entire team for the 30th anniversary of the popular district run in Roth for the first time. Runners for 28 legs with different lengths (3.3 km – 10 km) had to be found, who would divide among them the entire distance of 160 km. Of course, we quickly found motivated employees here at Memmert.

The composition of the team was as colourful and rich in variety as the running courses. From nearly professional runners or triathletes to hobby soccer players and first time runners –fun was had by all. And it was all about the fun at this event. Times and rankings took a back seat really. Still, everyone was happy about the five trophies won for a top 3 leg ranking.  Jürgen Gambert, our head of accounting had to accept, albeit reluctantly, that he was already old enough for the senior leg (above 50-year-olds) and completed it successfully. Until then, Lukas Achtnicht still has a long way to go. At 10 years of age, he was the youngest competitor and took on the youth leg

In the end, Team Memmert made rank 31 out of 39 qualified teams in their debut. This was celebrated to the fullest a few days later over having lunch together at the company and as a reward there was ice cream for everyone. The team was gripped by ambition and next year, the “Runners-UP-rating” is aimed at since it goes to the team who has improved the most compared to the previous year. Until then, everyone will be busy doing sports as they wish: running, with or without a ball, in the water or on the bicycle. As long as it is fun...!