Team Memmert Home victory at HIRO half marathon

When the starting signal sounded on Saturday night, 12th April 2014, at the popular HIRO half marathon, which is in its fifth year now, the 521 competitors had the perfect weather for a race. This sceneic run around their local lake Rothsee is where Team Memmert usually starts the running season. This brings the athletes closer to "their" lake and allows them to "sniff out" the competition for the upcoming summer, when in June the "Memmert Rothsee Triathlon" will take place at the same spot.

Yet, there was no stopping one of them: Fraol Lencho Holjira, the youngest member of the Memmert family, did not waste any time securing a win on the 21.1 km course after 1:10:19h. Having inherited the athletic speed of his forefathers, he made it look very easy, enjoying the run right up to the very last metre.

That is not to say his team members were not also in great shape. In fact, Memmert student employee Michael Batz followed suit, taking second place on the winners’ podium with a time of 1:14:53h.

After a lengthy injury, ironman Christian Pickl is also back on form sooner than expected, making a time of 1:23:14h. For triathlete Marco Eckstein, coming in at 1:26:29h, this was likewise a positive start to the running season. Benedikt Spangenberg crossed the finishing line after 1:50:57h.

Commercial director Jürgen Gambert and head of development Ralf Achtnicht welcomed the change to their regular working day, enjoying the run just as much as our poster boy Fraol, if not with the same competitive drive.