The forgotten children of Haiti

“Despite massive international help after the earthquake in January 2010, more than 800,000 children in emergency camps in Haiti remain extremely vulnerable, according to estimates by UNICEF. They are highly threatened by disease, malnutrition, lack of schooling, as well as violence and abuse“, writes Unicef in a press release dated 12th July 2010.

Often when confronted by numbers on such a scale, you feel powerless, unable to do anything as an individual. For this reason, Memmert decided spontaneously in January of this year to contribute 30,000 €, which is the largest part of the annual Christmas donation, to the SOS Kinderdorf for reconstruction work in Haiti.

Hundreds of children were accommodated in the SOS Kinderdorf Santo and in emergency shelter, and apart from food and a roof over their heads, they now have some much-needed love and affection, as far as the busy aid workers can find time for this. Medical care has been established in Santo, along with the provision of building materials and food, and kitchens, storage depots and tents were organised at lightning speed. We are pleased that our donation has gone just a little way to contributing to this.

But emergency aid on its own is just not enough. Living conditions for the forgotten children of Haiti must now be established in which they are given access to schools and education, and where they can live permanently in a stable social environment.

Please help as well! Apart from the  SOS Kinderdorf  there are numerous renowned charity associations who would be grateful for donations large or small to give a future to the children of Haiti.