This is m360: Interview with Jürgen Grams

This exclusive interview with Jürgen Grams, Director of Memmert m360, discusses the innovative customized solutions of m360.

Customized products according to customer requirements have been part of the diverse Memmert range for over four decades. More and more users want modifications and innovative customized products. This is where m360 comes into play - the new brand from the Memmert universe. In this exclusive interview with Jürgen Grams, Director of m360, you will find out more about the mission, background and competencies of the new brand for Memmert customized products.

Memmert: Memmert "Special Constructions" has been offering tailor-made temperature control and climate chambers for over 30 years. Now it presents itself in a completely new look. But before we talk about the new brand, let's take a look at the development of customized products at Memmert.

Jürgen Grams: Customized products have a long tradition at Memmert. In the 1980s, Memmert tried to respond to customer-specific inquiries for the first time. At that time, solutions for very special requirements were created on a small scale which the products from the standard portfolio could not meet. The feedback from customers was so positive that it quickly became clear that we would continue along this path. Over time, the inquiries became more comprehensive and customized products crystallized into a regular offering. This is how the so-called "special construction specifications" came into being. At the same time, however, the requests became more complex and unique where the solutions developed no longer had much in common with the standard product range. With the increasing number of inquiries, the team and our own production area have also grown significantly. Now we are at a point where we want to take it to the next level and have therefore created our own brand out of the former "special construction".

Jürgen Grams, Director of m360. Customer-specific inquiries constant climate chambers
Jürgen Grams, Director of m360.

Memmert: With the m360, Memmert offers a whole range of specially manufactured premium temperature and climate control units. Who exactly is the m360 offering aimed at?

Special solutions for solutions to special challenges in the field of temperature control technology
In addition to special accessories, m360 also constructs innovative high-tech solutions.

Jürgen Grams: Our special solutions are not aimed at a specific industry but at all customers who are looking for solutions to special challenges in the field of temperature control technology. With m360, we meet exactly these individual requests and implement the perfect solution according to the customer requirements. We are pursuing the following mission: we offer an extremely high customer-first focus and create products that do not exist in the market. We work alongside the customer to understand and meet the challenges & requirements down to the very last detail. At the same time, we are working intensively on innovative ideas for topics that we identify as highly topical, e.g. automatic solutions for the laboratory. So, we are already developing tomorrow's customer inquiries today, because our exclusive insight into the market enables us to estimate very precisely which trends and special solutions will be in demand in the future.

Memmert: What is the difference between Memmert and m360? How has m360 developed in recent years?

Jürgen Grams: m360 is an addition to Memmert's standard portfolio. It builds on the Memmert standard products, so to speak. We use our many years of expertise in the field of temperature control technology to target a different clientele other than "Memmert Standard". We do not offer our customers a catalog product but individual and small series production with the focus on customer individuality.

Memmert: Why is the department for customized products now called m360? What's behind the brand name?

We accompany our customers from the inception of the idea to the finished product and follow through with our services beyond that
m360 combines established Memmert quality with a holistic approach.

Jürgen Grams: The term "360" stands for an all-round, holistic solution from a single source. This solution begins with customer contact, includes the determination of the requirements and the design of the individual customer wishes all the way up to the commissioning of the devices. We accompany our customers from the inception of the idea to the finished product and follow through with our services beyond that. The m stands for almost 90 years of Memmert expertise and experience and for the high Memmert quality standards. We incorporate this into all of our m360 products. In combination, the m and 360 perfectly reflect our values and achievements.

Memmert: Has there been an increased demand for customized temperature and climate control devices in the market in recent years?

Jürgen Grams: There is definitely a clear trend. The demand for individual products is increasing rapidly without actively promoting them - both nationally and internationally. The offer in the international area is also an important pillar for us. Special sizes are in particularly high demand and are therefore an integral part of our portfolio. In addition, we are always asked about additions and adjustments to a Memmert standard product with special accessories. The need for highly individualized products with conveyor belts, locks, special lighting, automation and other high-tech features is also clearly noticeable. m360 stands on several pillars and can flexibly respond to the most diverse wishes of the customer.

Individual requirements for temperature and climate control chambers
Increasingly more users have individual requirements for their temperature and climate control chambers.

Memmert: Can you tell us about your vision for m360? What are the next steps and milestones for the new brand?

Jürgen Grams: With m360 we would like to set another milestone in the history of Memmert. We focus primarily on customer friendliness, innovative solutions and internationalization. With our new brand and the steadily growing team, we are laying an ideal foundation for the further realization of customer-specific requirements. The launch of the new brand is just the beginning of our journey.

Memmert: Last but not least - what three words would you use to describe m360?

Jürgen Grams: Innovative, customer-oriented and competent - that's m360!

Would you like to find out more about the new Memmert brand m360 or do you already have a project in mind that you would like to realize together with m360? It is best to  take a look at the brochure directly or contact our m360 experts  here. We are looking forward to your message!