Vacuum oven VO29 premium module now available with inert gas connection



Immerse yourself in a new dimension of precision and efficiency! We are pleased to announce that our VO29 devices with premium module now have an additional inert gas connection. Read on to find out how this latest addition takes our premium devices to a new level.

The addition of inert gas to the inner chamber, also known as inertisation, offers several benefits, especially in environments where protection against oxidation, reactions with oxygen or other gaseous compounds is required. Here are some of the main benefits:

VO29 premium module with inert gas connection

1. Oxidation protection

The addition of inert gas, such as nitrogen or argon, to the inner chamber of the vacuum oven protects materials from oxidation. The removal of oxygen prevents materials from reacting with oxygen and becoming oxidised. This not only provides protection against oxidation, but can also result in a faster drying time as the absence of oxygen can accelerate the evaporation of moisture.

2. Protection of sensitive materials

In applications where materials are sensitive to oxygen or moisture, exposure to inert gas protects these materials from undesirable reactions and changes. This protective mechanism helps shorten the drying time, as the material is optimally protected from harmful influences.

3. Controlled atmosphere

The use of inert gas makes it possible to create a controlled atmosphere in the vacuum oven. This is particularly important in processes where a precise control of the ambient conditions is required. Such control can improve drying time by creating optimal conditions for the evaporation process.

4. Moisture-sensitive materials

Inert gas not only prevents oxidation but also minimises moisture absorption by moisture-sensitive materials. This is crucial when drying processes or storage under humidity-controlled conditions are necessary. By avoiding moisture, the drying time can be significantly reduced.

5. Prevention of contamination

The application of inert gas helps minimise contamination by preventing unwanted gases or particles from entering the inner chamber. This is particularly important in applications where maximum cleanliness is required. Avoiding contamination helps ensure an unproblematic drying process.

6. Securing product quality

Inert gas protects products from unwanted changes that could be caused by uncontrolled environmental conditions. This is particularly relevant in research laboratories and industrial processes where consistent product quality is critical. A stabilised environment can also positively influence drying time by creating optimal conditions for the materials to be dried in.

Gentle, powerful, energy-saving - VO vacuum drying oven

Reliable, comfortable and energy-efficient - that’s how vacuum drying works today. Separately adjustable and directly heated thermoshelves ensure precise temperature control and, thanks to the digital pressure control, the chamber load is not only dried at high speed but also extremely gently in our powerful and robust vacuum drying oven. Together with the speed-controlled vacuum pump, the vacuum oven VO forms an unbeatably energy-efficient duo. The pump is perfectly tidied away in the matching base cabinet.

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