To shorten the days before Christmas, we are inviting you to join our advent calendar. Every day, it’s another door to be opened, behind which a surprise is waiting – you may look forward to photos, prize games etc. Don’t forget to look what is behind today’s door...

Memmert Advent Calendar

- Dec - 1

X-Mas game | What is this?

Thanks for opening our first advent calendar door!

Let's start with a prize game! First come, first served - the first 15 people giving the correct answer will receive a set of Memmert Christmas cookie cutters.

Question: What is this?

a) Wine shelf

b) Desk drawer

c) IVF module for INCOmed

Send us an e-mail to with your answer and name. You will be recontacted by us should you be to one of the 15 winners.
Good luck!


Memmert Advent Calendar

- Dec - 3

Spendenaktion für SOS Kinderdörfer

This year it was an especially difficult task for managing director Christiane Riefler-Karpa to decide which of SOS Children's Villages’ projects should be supported by the traditional Christmas donation. In many parts of the world, children especially suffer too much.

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Memmert Advent Calendar

- Dec - 10

MEMory | Play & Win


Fancy playing a game of Memory?

 Play our MEMory here!

After completion of your game, you'll see a code word. Send us this code word via e-mail to and amongst all incoming mails, we will draw 15 winners who can look forward to a surprise package! (Deadline is at 00.01 am tomorrow morning)

Have fun!


Memmert Advent Calendar

- Dec - 16

Also our trainees are infected by the selfie-stick hype. Say cheese!

Memmert Advent Calendar

- Dec - 8

Romina & Harald from our Service department are having Christmas fun... ! Cheers guys!

Memmert Advent Calendar

- Dec - 15


Memmert Advent Calendar

- Dec - 2

Christmas greetings from our production colleagues! Ho ho ho...

Memmert Advent Calendar

- Dec - 13

With best regards from the whole team!

Memmert Advent Calendar

- Dec - 23

They can't wait to start their Christmas holidays...

Memmert Advent Calendar

- Dec - 18

X-Mas game | Quiz

Regional sports sponsorship is a matter close to the heart at Memmert. These days, it is getting increasingly difficult to inspire children and young people to do sports outdoors. Sports clubs, with the wide range of activities they offer, are indispensable in our society, and luckily there are still people who do voluntary work as coaches or instructors in their free time. Of course, we as a company want to contribute as well.

Question: Since when is Memmert title sponsor of the Rothsee Triathlon festival?

a) 2013

b) 2015

c) 2014

Send us an e-mail to with your answer. You will be recontacted by us should you be as lucky as to win one of the 20 Mikado game sets.
Good luck!


Memmert Advent Calendar

- Dec - 4

Memmerts Christmas bakery

Multiple use of our Universal ovens - baking christmas cookies. Warmly recommended! :)

Memmert Advent Calendar

- Dec - 7

Drying apple or even orange slices in a Memmert Vacuum drying oven! Hmmm...

Memmert Advent Calendar

- Dec - 24

The Memmert-Family wishes you a very Merry Christmas!


Memmert Advent Calendar

- Dec - 19

Refugee aid in cooperation with Oxfarm

This year, Memmert will not send out Christmas presents and cards. The money for this will instead be donated to the Oxfam refugee support. Please see below how you can help to reduce the suffering of refugees - even with small donations.

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Memmert Advent Calendar

- Dec - 14

X-Mas Game | Win a Memmert ThermoDuo


As you might remember, we had a huge celebration in 2013, on occassion of which we invited our business partners and distributors. Do you know what the reason for your celebration?

Amongst all correct answers, we will draw the 15 winners who will receive one of the Memmert ThermoDuo boxes with a heating and cooling pad inside!

Question: Which anniversary celebrated Memmert in 2013?

a) 100 years

b) 80 years

c) 75 years

Send us an e-mail to with your answer. You will be recontacted by us should you belong to one of the 15 winners.
Good luck!


Memmert Advent Calendar

- Dec - 21

Only 3 days left - Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer and Santa Claus dropped by at ours.

Memmert Advent Calendar

- Dec - 22

Impressions Weihnachtsfeier 2015


Memmert Advent Calendar

- Dec - 5

X-Mas Game | What is this?

Today you have the chance to win a Memmert torch. We want you to tell us what you see on the below photo.

Question: What is this?

a) Necklace

b) Light cassette of a Memmert Climate Chamber ICH

c) Dinner table

Send us an e-mail to with your answer. Amongst all correct answers incoming today, we will draw 10 winners who will receive a torch. You will be recontacted by us should you belong to one of the 10 winners.
Good luck!


Memmert Advent Calendar

- Dec - 12


Memmert Advent Calendar

- Dec - 20

X-Mas game | Who knows it?


If you want to spend your free time during the holidays with playing, just answer our question below and take your chance to win one of 10 Yenga games.

Question: Which name gave Willi Memmert to his first temperature control device?

a) Aeolus

b) Herais

c) Lupos

Send us an e-mail to with your answer. You will be recontacted by us should you belong to one of the 10 winners.
Good luck!


Memmert Advent Calendar

- Dec - 11


Memmert Advent Calendar

- Dec - 6

Last year's famous Christmas video


Memmert Advent Calendar

- Dec - 9

Happy Pre-Christmas time @ the order handling & shipping office!

Memmert Advent Calendar

- Dec - 17

Making of Christmas 2015... be excited what comes on the 24th.