Money does make you happy

Our two fosterlings from the SOS vocational training centre Nuremberg have passed their final examination. We warmly congratulate them!

Perhaps many more companies and individuals would donate money to charitable institutions if they knew who precisely was going to benefit from the money, and above all, what effect it would have.

The two freshly qualified painter and decorator craftsmen, Dominik Hofmann and Kevin Männecke, are a shining example of the fact that money can make people really happy, because with the support of Memmert, they have now been able to successfully complete their third apprentice year at the SOS vocational training centre Nuremberg and pass their trade exams. 

It is especially pleasing that both men have permanent jobs to look forward to. Just a few years ago, they were written off as difficult cases with little hope of finding a vocation, but now they are setting off into a promising future, and Memmert wishes them all the very best!