The Memmert Universal ovens UFP 500 and UFP 800 were certified in their standard versions by the Fraunhofer Institut with the Tested Device certificate of purity. Laborpraxis magazine reported in detail on this. In German. Read more

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Certification with the Tested Device certificate of purity from the Fraunhofer-Institut for the two Memmert universal ovens UFP 500 and UFP 800 was also worthy of a report for International Labmate magazine. In English. Read more
The first nationwide pilot project of the SOS vocational training centres paves the way for two teenagers to take their apprenticeship exams. According to details from the Federal Statistics Office, almost one in ten schoolboys leaves school without any qualifications. The consequences are widely known. Because of the shortage of apprenticeships on offer, companies taking on trainees can choose from the best school-leavers. To avoid the complete social descent of disadvantaged young people and to offer them a perspective, training centres with supervision and support for the individual are essential.
There is a shortage of public funds, which is why a unique nationwide pilot project by the sponsor SOS Kinderdorf e.V was started in the Nuremberg SOS vocational training centre. Last year the Schwabach company Memmert, instead of sending Christmas presents to its customers, made available a total o