Challenge Roth 2017

Undoubtedly, Challenge Roth is the highlight of the triathlon season. The largest long-distance triathlon is immensely popular not only among professionals, but also among hobby triathletes and viewers. This year, 30 Memmert athletes joined the 3,500 individuals and 650 relay teams to swim 3.8 km, bike 180 km and run 42.2 km. 7,000 helpers and organizers worked along the course - also at Memmert's Turnaround, a new segment around the Büchenbach pond.

Memmert shirt on the scene

Laszlo Abendroth, managing director of our Bolivian trading partner ASIATEC, got a taste for triathlons last year when he cycled in a relay team and now he's hooked. He announced that he would register as an individual athlete in 2017. He kept his word and trained hard for this year's event. And it paid off. He thoroughly enjoyed his 11:38:19 hours of the race and crossed the finish line in the evening - cheered on by a roaring crowd.

The fastest individual athlete of the Memmert team was Matthias Röser. He crossed the finish line after only 09:33:38 hours. Marina Sauer celebrated her long-distance debut winning the 'Landkreis Frauen' race in 10:59:15 hours and came in 9th in her age group.

In addition to the nine individual athletes, Memmert entered seven relay teams in to the race. The fastest Memmert relay team, with Alexander Haas, Günther Lauterbach and Carsten Stegner, almost hit the legendary 9-hour mark by completing the race in 09:01:15 hours.

For the first time, Quintin Potgeier, Claus Engel and Riccardo Cipriani participated in this sort of event as well. As hobby athletes and business partners of Memmert, they had already heard a lot of the special atmosphere of Challenge Roth - and decided to register as a relay team for this year's event.


Memmert Turnaround

The runners were not only cheered on at the finish line, but also at the new running segment in Büchenbach. As a local company well-known for its enthusiasm for triathlons, Memmert couldn't miss the opportunity to get involved here as well. The entire town showed up and also our employees at the Memmert booth encouraged the athletes helping them forget their tired legs and burning lungs so they could enjoy the vibe as they raced the segment covering kilometres number 15 through 36 around the pond.

Memmert also offered an entertainment programme for the younger spectators with a duck fishing prize game and the Kids Hot Spot at the Büchenbach school centre.


Team Memmert results:



1359Abendroth, Laszlo01:20:5205:45:0104:19:5511:38:19
2015Dissertori, Arno01:17:0306:15:4605:06:3112:49:14
325Eckstein, Marco01:04:3305:16:3503:41:0710:06:43
217Kohler, Benjamin01:03:2505:05:1203:36:5309:51:15
246Meyer, Kerstin01:13:5806:26:2605:06:0312:56:28
135Röser, Matthias01:07:5004:58:1103:22:5609:33:38
47Sauer, Marina01:11:1205:38:3004:04:2210:59:15
708Stützinger, Gregor01:12:2505:04:2304:23:5710:45:12
322Tax, Nadine01:23:5506:29:4305:35:2413:43:14
20Alexander Haas, Günter Lauterbach, Carsten Stegner00:54:4005:03:3103:00:0609:01:15
127Hanno Dietrich, Daniel Neubig, Benjamin Scholz01:22:0505:13:4503:24:4010:04:30
388Kristin Löhlein, Ralf Achtnicht, Markus Ruf00:58:5406:12:2503:55:4411:10:36
43Mark Fischer, Stephan Weber, Thomas Scholz00:59:0004:50:1303:32:4009:25:15
344Peter Krieger, Thomas Ellinger, Sven Bladt01:07:4906:13:0803:38:1511:02:45
469Maren Höcherl, Bettina Krug, Tobias Hofmann01:22:3306:28:0703:39:1811:34:02
345Quintin Potgieter, Claus Engel, Ricardo Cipriani