Great atmosphere at the 29th City Run

On the second weekend in October, the time had finally come again for the 29th RIBE - CITYLAUF Schwabach. The running event took place under the motto #wirstartendurch2022. As a long-standing, proud sponsor of the Bambini run, Memmert was delighted to be involved.

"We Gonna Rock This Town" were the words with which the  City Run started on the morning of October 9th, 2022. These very words describe last Sunday very well. Rock music played at the market square while runners rocked their races with excellent results.

Lots of fun and even a bit of sun to start off

At +3 °C and thick fog, our Memmert E-Sprinter rolled up at Schwabach's market square in front of the Schönen Brunnen (beautiful fountain). There we began the preparations and set-up at dusk alongside a 100-strong event team consisting of volunteers. Gradually, the sun slowly fought its way through to us, bathing the dense fog in a hue that harmonized perfectly with the gilded roofs of Schwabach's town hall - creating a truly magical image.

The day’s special highlights

The timing could not be more perfect. Starting at 8:30 am, the distribution of race numbers, starter bags, as well as the possibility of late registrations for the day of the race began. The market square filled up and the first curious visitors became aware of our "hot wire" at the Memmert promo booth. With sunshine, good music and delicious aroma of food in the background, our participants were ready to put their skills, talent and hard work to the test. Once again, there were great prizes to be won in our prize draw, like the Memmert lettering as a "hot wire".

At our booth, visitors could find out about current training and job opportunities. Furthermore, they had the possibility to follow the event in a relaxed atmosphere on our deck chairs where the spectator could watch the start of each race directly from the Memmert booth.

At 9 am, the first participants faced a new challenge. Newly introduced this year was the 21.1 km long Goldschlägermarsch. Hikers, speed hikers and walkers could participate in a scenic route.
At 9:45 am, the race continued with the Bambini runs, supported yearly by Memmert. They were a real highlight for the little runners (under 8 years old). Warming up together before the start, together with athletes from TV 1848 Schwabach, was just as much a part of the program as the enthusiastic count down and the motivated sprinting off.

Memmert aces at the City Run

But Memmert was not only a sponsor, but also a participant. For our team, Annika Müller and Marc Steuerer represented our team in the half marathon (21.1 km) and Arifkhan Popalsei in the main run (10.2 km). Annika Müller won the women's half marathon with an outstanding time of 1:27:40 h. Marc Steuerer and Arifkhan Popalsei shined with an excellent 16th and 8th place respectively in their age group. We are immensely proud of our team! All other results of the ten competitions can be found  here.

We would like to thank the 100 volunteers who made this great event possible. See you next year!