Large-scale vaccination campaign at Memmert GmbH + Co KG

Schwabach, June 2021. The Southern Germany company, Memmert, produces over 30,000 laboratory devices annually for worldwide sale. Memmert climate and temperature control devices are also used to combat the corona pandemic, for example, for pharmaceutical tests to simulate the transport conditions of the vaccine. Despite the challenging market and procurement situation, Memmert was able to maintain production as per usual for the past 18 months.


Consistent measures lead to lasting success in virus containment

The main focus of the company is the safety of the entire workforce. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Memmert has guaranteed all employees the greatest possible protection against infection. In addition to strict distance maintenance and hygiene measures, Memmert enabled employees to work remotely from home. Daily rapid antigen tests carried out by trained staff are also offered to create normalcy in everyday life. Separation of work locations, teams, and shifts prevented the virus from spreading.

Dominik Ritter, pandemic officer at Memmert, looks back on the last few months saying, “We are thrilled about the willingness of our workforce to have implemented all the measures introduced in such an exemplary manner. This was the only way we were able to maintain the ability to work in all departments at all times during the pandemic. And working from home is not possible for almost 70% of our employees. We know about the hardships of the last few months but are now happy to be able to take a step towards normalcy.”

Vaccination offer for the Memmert family

An important step towards this has only recently been taken. In close coordination with the relevant authorities, a vaccination campaign was offered to all interested employees. A good 350 colleagues, almost 75% of the Memmert team, have already been vaccinated. This offer could also be made to members of the workforce.

“We are very pleased with the professional assistance from the Ortho Center Nürnberg Practice of Dr. Liebl & Dr. Sharma. I am grateful that our task now is to create an environment in which our employees can meet again in person and work together” commented Dominik Ritter.