Memmert's Advanced Peltier Technology increases efficiency in laboratories

Schwabach, August 2021. Memmert GmbH + Co. KG has been producing climate and temperature control devices for around 80 years which are used in a wide variety of industries around the world, e.g. in pharmaceutical laboratories or in medicine. What remains the constant goals are innovative technologies, performance, and efficiency. Memmert also attaches great importance to offering environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.

Memmert specializes in Peltier technology research for over 25 years now which has advanced over time offering considerably large energy savings. The high efficiency of the Advanced Peltier Technology has now been confirmed in an independent, scientific technology comparison.

Memmert Peltier technology seven times more efficient than comparable technologies

The Memmert Advanced Peltier Technology was developed to create an efficient alternative to compressor technology. The constant climate chamber HPPeco consumes only one-seventh of the energy compared to competitor products. The independent test laboratory, Testo Industrial Services AG, concluded this result. The test aimed to compare Memmert HPPeco under stable, climatic conditions.

The independent test laboratory, Testo Industrial Services AG, came to this impressive result, which tested the two Memmert devices as part of a technology comparison under stable, climatic conditions. The Memmert constant climate chamber HPP750eco was compared with a conventional constant climate chamber with compressor technology. Similarly, the Peltier-cooled incubator IPPeco was compared to a comparable Peltier device from another manufacturer.

In both cases, the measurements conclusively show that Memmert Advanced Peltier Technology requires only a fraction of the electrical power, compared to compressor and Peltier technology from other manufacturers, under identical conditions. This is a decisive factor in the application of climatic chambers because these are mostly used for long-term pharmaceutical studies, in accordance with the ICH guideline Q1A (R2). This means these are in continuous operation for between 6 and 24 months, for example, to test the shelf life of pharmaceutical products at certain temperatures and climatic conditions.

Increasing rate of climate-neutral initiatives in laboratories

With the Memmert Advanced Peltier Technology, decision-makers in laboratories can operate efficiently and sustainably without having to compromise on performance. In addition to their research commitments, laboratories also have a social responsibility and are increasingly pursuing climate-neutral initiatives and processes.

Memmert supports this development with the innovative Advanced Peltier Technology. A positive side effect of the reduced energy consumption is also the saving of running operational costs.

You can find detailed information of the Testo test here.

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Press release | Memmert’s Advanced Peltier Technology increases efficiency in laboratories

Memmert’s Advanced Peltier Technology increases efficiency in laboratories

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