On a mission for health in Tanzania

The equipment in an intensive care unit in an industrial country and a clinic in Africa are often worlds apart. Sometimes, the most essential things are missing there, and no state-of-the-art technology or trained specialists for operating and maintaining equipment are available. Fortunately, there are people like Peter Sommer.

Working for the Swiss NGO  INTERTEAM, he lent his specialist knowledge to the Lutheran Protestant Church in Tanzania for three years, which runs the technical workshop KAMTES in Bukoba, in the North West of Tanzania. In ten hospitals and a health centre, KAMTES, in return for a subscription, undertakes services such as the maintenance of technical equipment, servicing it in rotation, checks installations, coordinates the acquisition of spare parts and trains the maintenance staff, as well as the hospitals’ own technicians.

Memmert was pleased to help

Many appliances and installations are nevertheless unusable. For this reason, Peter Sommer organised a private donation campaign, which also successfully reached Memmert. Finally, a container, containing among other things a Memmert incubator, two hot-air sterilisers and two waterbaths, arrived in Bukoba to slightly alleviate conditions there and cater for at least the most urgent cases.