Pakistan in dire need of our help

To support the flood victims, Memmert donates 8000 € each to two distributors in Pakistan. We would kindly ask you to make a contribution as well to provide relief for the suffering people there.

The United Nations estimate that 20 million people are affected by the devastating catastrophe in Pakistan. One fifth of the country is flooded. The fear of famine, epidemics and diseases is growing, as people are lacking food and clean water. The water is contaminated with microorganisms and causes typhus, cholera or other severe diseases in those who drink it or get into contact with it. Poor sanitation and bad medical care contribute to spreading the diseases even more.

Our distributors in Pakistan have been giving us firsthand information on the incredible suffering of the people in their country. Therefore, we did not hesitate to donate 16,000 € to support hospitals and to improve the food supply.

Please make a contribution as well! It will take years to rebuild the country and thousands of people may still die without fast supply of food, water and medication.

Image Credit: Copyright United Nations Development Programme @flickr