Premiere Memmert Rothsee-Triathlon 2013

1.5 kilometres swimming, 42 kilometres cycling and 10 kilometres running. This year, the established triathlon in the picturesque Franconian landscape took place under the name of Memmert Rothsee Triathlon for the first time. Team Memmert's excitement before the start was just as high as the level of enthusiasm after crossing the finish line.

In the past, the name Memmert was increasingly mentioned in connection with the term triathlon, since, in our company, the “endurance virus” prevails even though we have the best of industry knowledge when it comes to sterilisation. Everyone from trainees to the managing board is infected. For this reason, the winners’ ceremony of the 25th Rothsee triathlon on June 30, 2013 was a very special moment for all Memmertians. For the very first time, the established triathlon took place under the name of Memmert Rothsee Triathlon. Managing director Christiane Karpa and the Memmert team were especially delighted about the fact that it was also the 25th anniversary celebration. Many have discovered their love for triathlon on the idyllic track along the Rothsee. Above all Ralf Achtnicht, who has participated more than 10 times and Harald von Blumenthal, who made it to the finish line despite calf cramps during swimming and cycling. Triathlon is indeed a sport that also “old hands” can do successfully and for many years. Gregor Stützinger, who likes to put himself into that category as well, prefers the long distance. Of course, he also competed in the short Olympic distance race last Sunday and finished with a smile in one eye, a tear in the other. We were thrilled to see you all on the track and are looking forward to next year.

Bianca Schubert fastest Memmertian

This year’s event was 24-year-old Bianca Schubert’s biggest sporting success for Team Memmert so far. She was on the winner's podium an awe-inspiring four times. With an overall time of 2 hours, 26 minutes and 45 seconds, she finished fifth among women, first place among women in her age group TW 20, third place in the team ranking with Melissa Meisner and Gabi Weiß and third place in the ranking of the Middle Franconian Championship. The trophy collection was very impressive in the end. By the way, July 1st was Bianca Schubert’s first day in the Memmert order processing department. Of course, we are very happy about this! Congratulations, Bianca, on your great performance and welcome to Memmert!

Team Memmert among the front runners

Matthias Grosser and Christian Pickl represented our Team Memmert in the Top 30 ranking. The first can be more than pleased with his performance (overall ranking of 15th place). Matthias paced himself well and crossed the finish line easily and relaxed after 2 hours, 5 minutes and 38 seconds. Of course, self-critical as always, he saw room for improvement: “The time for cycling could have been a somewhat better.” Pretty close on his heels was team colleague Christian Pickl. Being the 2nd fastest man of Team Memmert, he crossed the finish line after 02:08:14 as 26th overall.

Furthermore, our „Team Memmert 1“ consisting of Sören Naujoks, Jakob Bartke and Sven Erhardt, achieved a well deserved trophy. Arriving at the finisher’s gate after only 02:10:52h they completed as 2nd best relay team.

Great guys – thumbs up for all of you!

Four premieres

The greatest surprise of the day from the Memmertians' point of view was Benedikt Spangenberg. The rookie competed in his first triathlon as individual starter and was overwhelmed that he finished in place 169 with an overall time of 2 hours, 21 minutes and 44 seconds. So were we, Benedikt! Congratulations to you on a great race!

Heinz Bayer and Jürgen Gambert had their triathlon premieres on Sunday as well. Together with swimmer Andrea Weiss, they ranked at place 75. “When doing it the second time, it all becomes easier. You arrive in time, you know your way around and don’t get stressed out,” says Andrea at the finish line, laughing. This year, she started perfectly prepared. It took anchorman Jürgen Gambert, who competed in his first marathon at the age of 18, 27 years until he re-discovered his love for endurance sports. Despite a slightly increased temperature and aching legs the night before, he competed and was amazed how great he felt after crossing the finish line. In his short preparation time, cyclist Heinz Bayer, otherwise a fitness fan, trained techniques such as cycling with the upper body tilted forwards as well as standing and took things as they came in his usual calm manner. Although admittedly he was very impressed with the speed of the other cyclers in the downhill part of the race, he added with a chuckle that he was able to leave one or two behind in the uphill part. Congratulations, Andrea, Jürgen and Heinz. We hope you will be competing again next year!

Nina Kuhn, who competed together with Philipp and Jakob Bäuerlein in a Memmert relay, was allowed to start on the swimming track for the first time this year. Or better said, she had to - since the water is a rather undesired terrain for many athletes coming from running or cycling. Nina started to acquire the basics of front crawl last December during the Memmert swimming course and it took her an impressing 36 minutes and 27 seconds to swim the 1.5 kilometres in this year’s competition. Congratulations to the three of you, as well. We look forward to seeing you again!

Many thanks to the organisation team TSG Roth and all the volunteers for a top-organized and great event. Without you, such a wonderful day for all of us, participants and spectators, would not have been possible!

 Results Time overall
 Bianca Schubert 02:26:45
 Melissa Meisner 02:38:49
 Gabi Weiss 02:45:46
 Christiane Riefler-Karpa 03:00:49
 Sigrid Reinwand 03:00:59
 Matthias Grosser 02:05:38
 Christian Pickl 02:08:14
 Stephan Gersching 02:11:13
 Günter Lauterbach 02:13:58
 Marco Eckstein 02:17:26
 Benedikt Spangenberg 02:21:44
 Kevin Löhlein 02:29:32
 Alexander Baumstark 02:34:04
 Gregor Stützinger 02:35:48
 Ralf Achtnicht 03:02:29
 Harald von Blumenthal 03:09:53
 Team Memmert 1 (Sören Naujoks/Jakob Bartke/Sven Erhardt) 02:10:52
 Team Memmert 2 (Nina Kuhn/Philipp Bäuerlein/Jakob Bäuerlein) 02:47:14
 Team Memmert 3 (Andrea Weiss/Heinz Bayer/Jürgen Gambert) 02:55:46