Ready for your future?

Now that your school days are almost over, you've probably already thought about your professional future. Maybe you already have very clear ideas, or you would like to get to know all the possibilities first? In both cases, you are very heartily welcome to Memmert's apprenticeship night.

On Friday, April 29, 2022, from 4:00 p.m., we will open our gates at Büchenbach for you and your friends. What awaits you:

  • Meet & greet with the Memmert trainers and all trainees
  • Guided tour of our production halls
  • Application check: Our professionals check your documents and give you tips for the perfect application
  • Delicious food and refreshing drinks
  • Relaxed beats from our DJ
  • Photo box for unique memories for you and your friends
  • Raffle: Take part in our raffle and win a brand-new iPad

Also: If you imagine starting an apprenticeship at Memmert, then you can easily and informally leave your contact details on the night of the apprenticeship without a time-consuming application. We will get in touch with you directly and together we will consider how you can become part of the Memmert Family.

At Memmert you can learn many different professions:

  • IT specialists for system integration or application development (m/f/d) must be computer enthusiasts and equally about hardware and software
  • Industrial clerks (m/f/d) pass through all commercial departments in our company (e.g., purchasing, sales, marketing, accounting and much more) and are in contact with our many international customers
  • Mechatronics technician for refrigeration technology (m/f/d) learn, among other things, which components are important for planning a refrigeration and climate control system
  • Construction mechanics (m/f/d) assemble components and metal constructions from sheet metal and profiles
  • Industrial mechanics (m/f/d) ensure that everything runs smoothly in our production, because they are responsible for checking, maintaining and repairing production systems
  • Electronics technicians for devices and systems (m/f/d) often work together with technicians and engineers and should therefore be interested in physics and technology
  • Specialists in warehouse logistics, specialist warehouse clerks (m/f/d) carry out a lot of demanding work in addition to unpacking, packing, storing and shipping goods
  • Mechatronics technicians (m/f/d) build mechanical, electrical and electronic components, assemble them into complex systems, install control software and maintain the systems
  • Industrial electricians specializing in devices and systems (f/m/d) install and connect electrical equipment. You measure and analyze electrical systems, assess their safety and also manufacture devices and systems yourself.
  • Technical product designers (m/f/d) are involved in the development of our products. You create three-dimensional data models and technical documentation for components and assemblies.
  • Machine and plant operators (m/f/d) set up and operate production machines and plants in metalworking. They also retrofit and maintain the machines.

You can find more information and videos about training at Memmert here.

Would you like to find out more about these apprenticeships, get to know the Memmert Family or have questions about your own personal career aspirations? We look forward to you stopping by Memmert at the Roth Training Night on April 29, 2022.

We await your visit at:
Willi-Memmert-Straße 90-96
91186 Büchenbach