Refugee aid in cooperation with Oxfam

This year, Memmert will not send out Christmas presents and cards. The money for this will instead be donated to the Oxfam refugee support. Please see below how you can help to reduce the suffering of refugees - even with small donations.

The biggest refugee crisis today

According to the UN refugee agency, 60 million people worldwide are on the run from war, persecution or hunger. In Syria alone, nearly four million people have been forced to leave everything behind as a result of civil war.  Many seek refuge in Europe, but most of them arrive in refugee camps in Jordan, Turkey or Lebanon. The Oxfam relief organisation supports them with accommodation, hygiene measures, psychological and legal assistance. In Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, people are being provided with drinking water, hygiene and income-creating measures. 

Please help to reduce the suffering of refugees!

Millions of people are struggling to survive day by day. Without support, many of them won't make it. Please support refugees with your donation to give them a chance to live in security. Together we can make a major difference.

  • €40 can buy a family in Lebanon mattresses, blankets and pillows.
  • With €122 Oxfam can finance a water tank for 100 people in a refugee camp.
  • With €156 a family in Jordan can pay rent and food for one month.