Thank you for the support!

When help is needed in Schwabach and the surrounding area, the THW and its volunteer members are on the job, all year round, at any time. Early on a Saturday morning towards the end of October, it was the Memmert Family that needed help in preventing a production stop. The THW stepped up and rushed over with a solution.

The administrative location of Memmert, in Schwabach, where the central data center is located, was scheduled to renew the power line to the company. Since the ongoing conversion work could put a stop to production, a solution had to be found as quickly as possible. The ILS Central Franconia South alerted the technical advisor at THW Schwabach, Uli Kleinöder, who, together with Jan Lingl, IT system administrator at Memmert, received an overview of the situation.

After consulting the experts and examining the possibility of supplying electricity into the grid, a suitable solution was quickly found: During the energy supplier’s almost four-hour renewal work on the power lines, the administration site was supplied with power by an emergency power generator (156 kVA capacity) from the helpers' and supporters' association of the THW. It resulted in the uninterrupted, continued power supply thanks to the THW!

Find out more about the deployment process in the current blog post by THW Schwabach  here.

As a thank you for the quick and active support, Managing Director Philipp Schwarm presented a check for 2,500 euros to THW Schwabach on December 1, 2022. Afterwards, extensive discussions about volunteering at THW and the Memmert Family were held in a relaxed get-together with snacks and soft drinks.

We would like to thank all those involved for their commitment and mutual support!

In the picture (from left to right): Franz Kellner, Günther Sommer, Volker Schoch, Moritz Korn, Uli Kleinöder (THW) and Jan Lingl, Philipp Schwarm, Thomas Ehnes (Memmert)
The THW truck at our company site